Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


March MODOK Madness has officially ended for 2012.
However, it DID have a glorious fifth year. Largely because of all of your posts and support.
I'd like to thank all of our followers, fans, and contributors for helping make this blog great year after year. We make new friends every year, and have even have fans that come back each March to occupy this blog like it was a holiday. Folks are getting excited about the event. It's the perfect way to spice up our otherwise dull month of March, while letting us draw the mental organism that we love so dearly.
We've seen MODOK drawings from artists young and old this year. MODOK images from various corners of the world have come into the Inbox along with messages of excitement and enthusiasm for the blog itself. It's great to read them all and share the work you send in.

Now, every year I have to thank a few people directly. So here I go...
First off, I have to once again all of the artists that got involved. You've given us inspired MODOK drawings, your time, talent, passion, and we appreciate it very much. You guys rule!
Next, I have to send a thank you to Kasra Ghanbari for his continued support of the blog, and for letting us share in his wealth of personally collected MODOK art from people throughout the comic industry.
Finally and most importantly, I want to thank my good friend Brendan Tobin. He introduced me to MODOK. We, made this blog together, and its something I look forward to every March. Thanks Brendan.

Well, that's all that I've got to say.
Congratulations on a Successful March MODOK Madness 2012 everyone!


P.S. If you missed the deadline this year. NO Sweat.. I think he'll be back.