Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just a Reminder...

Sadly the month is OVER, and in spite of March ending.  We all must take a moment to rememberone very important thing about MODOK. 
      It's been many moons since that evening way back in 2008.  Having drinks at Jimmy's Corner here in NY with my friend Brendan.  When we figured that making a MODOK blog for the month of March would be a stellar idea.  So we finished our drinks and proceeded to order another few rounds.
      It wasn't until that following day that we both sobered up and again we agreed that it was still a great idea.  So, we hopped onto blogger and nabbed the site for MMM and got to work.  It took off without too much difficulty at all.  People are cool like that, and MODOK fans are phenomenal with their love and devotion to this Unique Kirby creation. 
I'll take this chance to extend my thanks to everyone who shares this blog, and takes time to commit they're craft with the appreciation of MODOK!  This blog is great because of all of you.  You all RULE.
     It's become an annual treat for me, a fun way to spend my March. You know, right before the tax man descends on my good humor.  The Blog also keeps me creative and completely in the dark about what the hell is happening with college hoops.  But equally important is that this event keeps me in touch with my friend Brendan.
He's a most excellent friend, it's my pleasure to know him.  Without him I'd know far less about MODOK and comics in general.  Thanks Brendan.
For All of this I am grateful,  It's been another AWESOME year and I hope everyone has enjoyed the MMM2013 festivities.


P.S.  We should be back up again for 2014, and may even find time to spiff up the blog a bit. Any posts after this point will be put on hold until next year.

Submitted MODOK: Kevin & Co.

Here is some last minute MODOK from Kevin who got his children into the MODOK mindset this March and writes,
Hope we make it in time.  Great group this year!
"MODOK PRANK FAIL" by C. - Spidey and Deadpool try to
prank MODOK with a booby-trap button, forgetting that MODOK's feet
don't touch the ground.

"MODOK STYLE" by S.- MODOK tries to get in on the
"Gangnam Style" trend, much to the disgust of Psy.
Thanks to Kevin and to the young artists (We'll Call um' C. and S. for safeties sake) for helping round out another great year of March MODOK Madness.  Stuff like this always makes the event worthwhile.  You guys RULE!


Submitted MODOKs: Ricky Gagnon

Ricky sends in these great, vibrant MODOKs, Elvis and Marilyn respectively.  Thanks Ricky, and a pleasure to meet you this weekend.


The Line It Is Drawn: Steve Howard

From The Line It Is Drawn, Steve takes "the Watcher" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Steve's work at his DA page.


Submitted MODOK: Max Borges

My little buddy, Max, gets in on the MODOK fun, too.  I think MODOK looks good with a 'stache.


The Line It Is Drawn: Nick Perks

From The Line It Is Drawn, Nick handles "Plastic Man" as the prompt.  Here's an animated bonus!

Check out some more of Nick's work at his website.


Submitted MODOK: Brandon L. Dawley

Two familiar faces "mug" it up in Brandon's submission.  The MODOK mug was a Christmas gift, perhaps even a SWEET Christmas gift if you asked Luke Cage.  Check out some of Brandon's illustration work here.


Masters Of The Uni-DOK: Villain Edition

Yep, my Masters Of The Universe vibe continues.
So, I added a villain to offset my previous hero sidekick painting of ORKO.   Heck, MODOK is a super terrifying robot/human hybrid type villain right?  So, I might as well paint him that way.
I've chosen TRAPJAW because I completely love his design, and figured it would work well with some floating hover chair tech.  Plus I had to be sure to ad that little loopy think on his head so that he could zip line into a fight possibly verses Iron Man.


The Line It Is Drawn: Mic? Magtanong

From The Line It Is Drawn, Mic? tackles "MODOK/OMAC" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Mic?'s work at his website.


The Line It Is Drawn: Xum Yukinori

From The Line It Is Drawn, Xum handles "Wonder Woman" and "Egg Fu" as prompts.

Check out some more of Xum's work at his blog.


The Line It Is Drawn: Josh Gowdy

From The Line It Is Drawn, Josh handles "Skeletor" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Josh's work at his site.


The Line It Is Drawn: Brendan Tobin

From The Line It Is Drawn, I handle "Galactus shooting pool with all his heralds as Modok billiard balls! Silver Surfer would be the cue ball of course" as the prompt.

Check out some more of my work at my blog (and vote in the WTF Frantic Friday Fracas here!)


The Line It Is Drawn: Bill Walko

From The Line It Is Drawn, Bill handles "Power Girl" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Bill's work, including The Hero Business webcomic, here.


The Line It Is Drawn: Axel Medellin

From The Line It Is Drawn, Axel tackles "All the universal monsters in a new millenium comeback/ takeover! Night of the MoDoks!" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Axel's work at his DA page.


Submitted MODOK: Gavin de Lint

Gavin has returned to the blog with some new visual goodness.  Here he has channeled some Evan Dorkin inspiration all over our beloved MODOK, bushy eyebrows and all!  Gotta love that linework too, I'm a fan of this I imagine MODOK to be a very good stand in for MILK.  Super Angry.  
Gavin writes,

This silly idea's been in my head for a while.  I'm a huge Milk and Cheese fan, I hope some of the other visitors here are, too.
Yep Gavin, I'm pretty sure there are some fans here on the board and, being one of them I wanted to thank you for sharing your time and skill with us this March.
Gavin has a WEBSITE!  Go NOW and check it out @gavin.delint.ca
You'll be glad you did.


The Line It Is Drawn: Chaz

From The Line It Is Drawn, Chaz tackles "Arnim Zola. How do you MODOK-ize Arnim Zola?" as the prompt.


Submitted MODOK: Joseph Barrile

Joseph is ripping it up this year, this being his third submission.  He writes

Here’s some history from the MODOKIPEDIA on “Keep Calm and Fear MODOK”:
Keep Calm and Fear MODOK is a propaganda poster produced by A.I.M. in the year 2039 during the beginning of the World Wide MODOK War, intended to instill fear and lower the morale of all of Earth’s people in the coming violent overthrow of every nation in the World and to be a warning of the wrath of Earth’s new overlord.
See?  You learn something new everyday.  And for those of you who feel that MODOKIPEDIA isn't a valid and credited source for information, MINDBLAST FOR YOU!

You can see more of Joe's work at http://joesgiantrobots.com/ and be sure to follow him on Twitter: @JoesGiantRobots.

Thanks again, Joe!


Masters Of The Uni-DOK...

Yep, I got a Masters Of The Universe vibe here so I added some MODOK in an attempt to be all painterly and stuff.
For a Hero, Opted for ORKO.  Ummm, if your looking for an acronym maybe I'll trot out the term ORKODOK: Organism Really Keen On Destruction Obliteration & Killing.  This design lent itself well to MODOK, sure the ears look funny and the hat too come to think of it.  But, the hover chair is completely concealed making the outfit seem more ghostly.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Submitted MODOK: Thomas H. Nøhr

Denmark continues to share the MODOK artwork!  This fine image comes to us from Mr. Nøhr who has been very active on the BLOG this year and writes,
 Since Marvel and Disney now goes hand in hand and all that jazz. Until next year!
I read this email in a Mickey style Falsetto voice and suggest that you do the same with this post.
We again wish to THANK Thomas for visiting the blog with awesome art based on our beloved Mental Organism.

Also be sure to check out more work by Thomas at the links listed below.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Submitted MODOK: Rich Borges

This MODOK comes to us from Rich who's been with the MMM vibe for many years now. I like the idea of our favorite mental organism getting around on a motorized scooter, probably doing wheelies and stoppies amongst other stunts.  While he rambles about town, running errands and destroying random towsnfolk.


Once more with color...

 MODOK with his Cosmic RUBIK'S cube...  and some COLOR now!!

Hope you Dig,

Submitted MODOK: Wayne Quackenbush

Mr. Quackenbush, the excellent owner of Annex Comics in Newport, R.I.! Sent us this fantastic last minute M.O.D.O.K.  With that menacing mug of evil and that hover chair of horror.  Oh, and don't forget that grimace of supreme villainy.

Many thanks to Wayne for his continued support or the March MODOK Madness.

Keep on Mindblasting everyone.

Submitted MODOK: Tom Chamberlain

Tom is a fan of the blog, but decided to step up his fandom this year.  So busted out his drawing utensils, got to work, and sent us this Killer MODOK.  Tom Writes,
Figured i'd try to get in just under the wire! I've loved the blog for a few years now and finally wanted to participate.  I don't have a site worth plugging, just hope you like it and see you  next year!
Thanks for sharing your time with us Tom and for supporting the blog we're happy to have you on board, and hope to see you too again next year!

Be sure to keep on Mindblasting,

Submitted MODOK: Tim Chamberlain

"MODOK's favorite song is Kokomo.
We'd like to thank Our Valuned Customers here at MMM. In particular Tim, sent us this MODOK with MP3 Player firmly in hand.  Mr. Chamberlain writes,
Big fan of your site! I hope I get this to you in time.
Be sure to check out more of Tim's work over @ourvaluedcustomers.net)

The Line It Is Drawn: Phillip Sevy

From The Line It Is Drawn, Phillip handles "Dr. Manhattan" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Phillip's work at his DA page.


Submitted MODOK: Tom Clifford

Out of the seven, who you gonna count on?  Tom knows it's MODOC!  Nice one, Tom, and welcome aboard!


The Line It Is Drawn: Thea Rodgers

From The Line It Is Drawn, Thea takes "Mickey Mouse MODOK joining a MODOKized version of Marvel’s Illuminati" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Thea's work at her DA page.


Submitted MODOK: Janella Mele

Janella Brings the MODOK THUNDER just as March winds down and writes,
Hey guys, thanks for the motivation.  I used bic pens, sharpie and CS6.
We're happy to motivate yah, here at MMM, Janella.  MODOK can certainly light a fire under anyone's ass (pardon the pun) and get those art supplies moving!

For more of Janella's work pop on over to this here website, jmele.prosite.com, and her FB page.


The Line It Is Drawn: Sean McFarland

From The Line It Is Drawn, Sean handles "Ghost Rider" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Sean's work at his DA page.


Submitted MODOK: Nicholas Potenza

Nicholas created this charming MODOK the Hutt using woodburning and acrylic paint.  Hey, a pyrographic MODOK is a permanent MODOK!  We like the idea of that!  Thanks, Nicholas!


The Line It Is Drawn: Marco D'Alfonso

From The Line It Is Drawn, Marco tackles "My Little Pony" as the prompt.

Check out some more of Marco's work at his DA page.


Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

MODOK fan, John Douglas, submitted this stunning MODOK this year and writes:

Every year, I mean to submit something to MARCH MODOK MADNESS... after all, MODOK is a super-cool character--one of my favorites! However, as I am only a MIDDLING ORGANISM DESIGNED ONLY for KVETCHING, I would forget until about April 3rd or so each year.
Well, not this time! Here's my submission to your delightful site! I hope you find it acceptable.
Not only is it acceptable, it is awesome.  Thanks for hopping onboard on time this year, we're happy to have you!

Check out more of John's work on his blog.


Submitted MODOK: Adhesiveslipper

The mysterious man known as Adhesiveslipper, wasn't about to let this March pass without sending us some MODOK art. He writes, 
So, here is a last-minute Pop-MODOK. Done in digital-land.
Be sure to check out more work from from the adhesiveslipper @opinionsaboutthings.blogspot


MODOK and his Cosmic Cube.

MODOK is a master of THE CUBE!
MODOK always covets the cosmic cube. But, during his downtime he does indulge in another cube that he enjoys very much... The RUBIK'S variety.
I had colors on this but have since dabbed them back to work the values a bit more  I may have to swap in new colors before posting it up later.

Hope you dig,

Friday, March 29, 2013

Submiitted MODOK: Chris Capozzi

Here is a mighty submission from Mr. Capozzi who's joining March Modok Madness this year.
This is my first ever Modok! I love this site and I'm happy for the opportunity to contribute. I will most certainly be drawing Modok again.

Be sure to check out Chris's website@ http://25footclown.com

Submitted MODOK: Monte Michaelis

Monte Michaelis hits a two-fer this year, depending on which way you hold the piece.  Another ex-PopCap, now WildTangent designer, Monte writes:
This year I tried out an idea that's been kicking around in my head for a while now: The ARNIM MODOK! It's MODOK one direction and Arnim Zola the other direction. Is your brain not MELTING?!
My brain's often melting, Monte, but it's an unrelated condition.  However, nice work on this piece!  Check out Monte's blog and website for more brain melting fun.


Submitted MODOK: Guy D. Copes III

This inspired drawing, MODOK and A.I.M. 2099, comes from Guy Copes, who's been following MMM for awhile.  We're glad you decided to jump in and join us this year, Guy.  Don't be a stranger and welcome to the madness!

Check out more of Guy's work at his blog.


Submitted MODOK: Benwit Li

Benwit, returns to the blog again after an absence last year, and he just can't wait to get us more MODOK artwork and writes,
"With much love from Japan!"
I did this little doodle when I went to a Japanese band recital.  Saw the lightning and the knobs on the head and just had to do something.
Many thanks for letting the electrifying inspiration of MODOK take hold of you Benwit, happy to share the artwork.
Also, do be sure to check out Mr. Li's twitter @effullbao where he showcases his work. 
Keep on Mindblasting,!

Submitted MODOK: SKK

The artist known to us only as SKK sent us this image of an notably angry MODOK in mid flight.
SKK writes,
This was just a quick Sharpie doodle on a piece of printer paper. I'm a fan of the art of people like R. Crumb and Marc Hansen, so went with that style. Enjoy!
We're always happy to get MODOK art in March, the materials are never as important as the love of our favorite mental organism designed only for killing.  Many thanks to you for sharing your work with us SKK.

Submitted MODOK: Joseph Barrile

Joseph just can't get enough of the MODOK drawing this March.  So, he's sending some more excellent art in the form of MICRO PIXEL MODOK!  8-Bit never looked so good.

You can check up Joe's blog, http://joesgiantrobots.com/,  and Twitter: @JoesGiantRobots.


Every day he's mindblastin'!

He's just so...angry! Somtimes a villain's gotta let off a little....MINDBLAST!Below is the HD version on Vimeo.

MODOK MINDBLASTIN' 2013 from Nelson Diaz on Vimeo.


Submitted MODOK: H. Chen

H. Chen put a oo7 villain spin on MODOK and writes,
Finally got off my duff for a quick MODOK submission. Perhaps in his first adventure, James Bond, agent of SHIELD had to face the nefarious...DR. MO!
I've gotta say that if SPECTRE had MODOK on staff, that Bond would've been toasted by Mindblast long ago.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Submitted MODOK: Rick Schmitz

Rick is has been a regular here at the MADNESS for the past couple of years and 2013 is NO EXCEPTION.  He sent us this mighty arctic bear type MODOK and writes,
Hey there!  Another March and another MMM entry!  I used to be at PopCap games, but now I’m at the new Mobile Studio that WildTangent is building.  You can find our tumblr feed here:  http://wildtangentstudios.tumblr.com/ 
We’ve already launched our first title, Polar Bowler 1st Frame on iOS and Android.  Go check it out!  In honor of MMM, I’ve drawn our Beloved PB as Modok, complete with the tube he goes bowling in.   
Enjoy and thanks for keeping the Modok dream alive!

Rick also wanted to let you know that you can find PB on facebook @ 
So why not go check it out.


Li'l MODOK Wuvs To Destwoy!

I did this as a piece for the weekly feature at CBR's Comics Should Be Good, The Line It Is Drawn, last December.  Check out some other great li'l superheroes by the talented regulars, as suggested by the blog's Twitter followers.


Submitted MODOK: Jon Schnepp

Jon Schnepp sends in this great upshot of the mental one, titled "I'll give you a piece of my mind!"  I think I can see a piece of his mind up those nostrils... and it's angry!

Awesome.  Check out more Jon Schnepp stuff at jonschnepp.com or follow him on twitter @jonschnepp.

Thanks, Jon!