Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Friday, March 31, 2017


Call AAA.I.M to get him a lift or prepare to get a Mindblast.
Just in under the wire...

I will take a moment to thank my intrepid cohort Brendan Tobin for bringing MODOK to my attention ten years ago, and for keeping the past ten years of the blog inspirational and fun.
I'd also be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge, thank, exalt, congratulate, honor, and even Mindblast all of our fellow contributors over the past ten years.  Your time, talent, and passion for this mental organism has made every march since 2007 an artistic adventure.

You guys and gals all rule, and I'm happy to be here doing fun drawings with ya.

March is for MODOK,

So Long For 2017!

It's been a great 10th year and many thanks to all our returning artists, as well as all our new ones!  You guys are what make March MODOK Madness a success!  As always, Pedro did much of the heavy lifting in the administration of this here blog, so a big thank you to you, pal!  As the big headed one above is saying, I will see you next year!


Submitted MODOK: Sebs

The Stego-dok, with it's defensive spinal plates, spiked tail, and mighty Mindblasts!
The T-roc-O-dok, with it's tyrannical tiers of teeth, less than impressive forearms, and super mobile hover chair!
Sebs is BACK with two new MODOKS and a message,

I cannot believe March is over!
Here are some Dino-Doks, I don't know if they will make it in this year, but its worth a shot ;)
Don't worry Sebs, YOU MADE IT IN TIME!!

We're honored to be getting some fantastic last minute MODOK images all across the board this year.
You guys all make this month awesome.

Follow the links below for more artwork from the man we know as Sebs.

March is for MINDBLASTS!

Submitted MODOK: Monte Michaels

The Magnificent Mr. Michealis sent us this killer MODOK and writes,
Hi MODOK people,

This is Monte, back for what (I think) is my EIGHTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR!

A lot has changed over the years; I was drawing cartoon characters for mobile games when I doodled my first MODOK, and now I'm making apps for AR/VR. It's comforting to know that, no matter what happens in my industry, March MODOK Madness will always be there. My contribution is attached!

A little explanation: My alias at work is the first two letters of my first name ("MO") combined with the first three letters of my last name ("MIC"). I took the "MOMIC" handle as an opportunity to sketch myself as MODOK.

My website is: 

Thanks for all the fun times!
Heaping thanks to you in return Monte. Glad to have you back and sharing some March MODOK madness with us here in 2017!

Mindblast to the very LAST!

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

Here comes the fourth piece from good ol' John this year!  Pretty sweet Vitruvian Man, with an aptly applied Kirby Crackle so as not to offend.  Nice work!

You can see more of John's excellent artwork at johndouglasart.blogspot.com.


Submitted MODOK: Seggiepants

Seggiepants joined us once more from some March MODOK Madness and writes,
Hi, I hope I am not too late to enter. I hope the picture isn't too big too.

This MODOK was was inspired by a talk that went on too long. So I turned the speaker into a MODOK. Such power when you have pencil and paper :)

Thanks for the fun blog I always look forward to all the cool pictures each year.
We're super happy to have you back Seggiepants, and always happy to share some MODOK during March.  If you want to see more work from Senior SeggiePants just visit him @ www.segludian.com.

Keep on MINDBLASTING to the very LAST!

The Last Minute MODOK.

Yep.  It's finally here.
The last day of March MODOK Madness 2017 is ticking down to it's final hours.
We'll wrap up out tenth year at the stroke of midnight.

I hope to have another image  to show by then.  But, it'll be a busy Friday a think and time will tell.

Mindblast to the LAST!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Submitted MODOK: John Hazard

Magically Optimized Deliciousness Only for Killing! Do you feel Lucky, punk?
We've received another breakfast cereal themed MODOK submission! Mr. Hazard sent us this sugar coated gem and writes,  
One more for March M.O.D.O.K. Madness-
Magically Optimized Deliciousness Only for Killing! Do you feel Lucky, punk?
We DO feel lucky to have such support from fellow MODOK mavens.  I'm also pretty sure that eating enough of those chalky little freeze dried marshmallows are just as harmful as any Mindblast.

John Hazard is a former teacher at The Kubert School. Currently he's selling his art in galleries and online, and looking for work! Follow him on Instagram for more fun- https://www.instagram.com/frankensteinsuperstar/

Thanks to John for adding a little more diabolically delicious MODOK to our March!

Submitted MODOK: Brien Edick

Multigrained goodnes is part of a balanced breakfast.
The mental organism known as Brien sent us this breakfast cereal inspired MODOK and writes,
Part of a balanced breakfast! (Not intended for children age 12 and under.)
 I'd imagine that there is an awesome activity sheet printed on the back of the box, and you can make the front of the box into a mask to celebrate your favorite Kirby villain.  Personally I wasn't sure what the prize inside the box would be.  But, after some careful consideration I'm almost certain it's a big old dose of Niacin, B-12, and MINDBLASTS!!!!

Many thanks to Edrick for sending this our way.  It's helping us round out a balanced month of MODOK Madness!

Mindblasts for ALL!,

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

We've had a few submissions from John this year and to top it all off he's sent us some more.  Mr. Douglas writes,
Greetings!  :-)

I'm spamming y'all with another submission!  And, I'm hoping to get one more submission in by the morning (fingers crossed) before March M.O.D.O.K. Madness closes for another year...  
We are honored to share March with the MODOK faithful.  People who are making that extra time to pay tribute to our favorite hoverchair bound mental organism this month.

Great thanks to John for the post, and if you'd like to see more of his work just drop in over at http://johndouglasart.blogspot.com/.

March to the beat of your own Mindblast!

Submitted MODOK: Benjamin Montag

"Ehh, what's up MODOK?"
Benjamin is BACK, and our inbox had this slick MODOK image as proof.  Ben writes,
The Caption writes itself.
Cheap and obvious.
It's great that I had the free time to do some MODOK this year.
It is tragic that I had the free time do some MODOK this year.
We're super happy you joined us for some MODOK Madness once more this year.  More MODOK makes March merrier. Also, digging the Maurice Noble inspiration in the Background.  Pure Looney Tunes.

More more of Mr. Montag's work just stop in at bdmontag.blogspot or over at benjaminmontag.art on Instagram.

Keep on MINDBLASTING Everybody!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pedro's Mid-Week MODOK!

Love painting him with moody lighting.
Here's the last of my Mid-Week submissions for the year.
With just a few days Left I hope everyone is having a great MMM 2017!


LassoDOK 2017!

Lasso-DOK a la Photoshop By: GOGOPEDRO
So, I,ve made another MODOK using a bunch of the lasso tool selection tool in Photoshop.  Much like years past It's a lot of fun to work with restrictions, and see what you can do when you don't use brushes.  Just Lasso tools, some gradients and a far amount of color play.

Pretty sure the face was modified from something I was playing with back in January.

Hope you dig and keep on Mindblasting!,

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Submitted MODOK: Eric Collins

The Eclectic Eric Collins is a extravaganza of eighties film references this year.  He supplied us with a Conan inspired MODOK and today Eric writes,
After I finished the last one/as I was working on the last one I was thinking man I really don't think anyone is going to get this. I should really do a Masterblaster Modok. Can you imagine if master flew off of blasters arms and back on in that movie? also the reveal of who blaster is was kind of crazy for me at the time when I was watching that movie. Who's really a bad guy? Who pulling the strings?Who run barter town? I guess I'm stuck in the 80's.
Thanks for keeping the eighties cinema references fresh Eric.  We don't need another hero, we just needed some more MODOK and you've delivered.

Scope out more of Eric's imagery over @ www.oobust.com.

Keep on Master MINDBLASTING!

The Caverns Of Doomsday!

MODOK takes on the combined might of the invincible Ironman and the Champions!


Monday, March 27, 2017

Go, Go MODOK Rangers!

From The Line It Is Drawn, Week 334:
Go, go Power Rangers! Team-up or mash-up comic book characters with Power Rangers characters!
Twitter follower, BigMike20X6 suggested: The Mighty MODOK Power Rangers!

Check out the other talented Liners' Power Ranger works here.


Submitted MODOK: Benjamin Montag

MODOK was last seen picking up a few extra bucks at the Mall.
Mr. Montag sent us this slick holiday inspired MODOK and writes,
It's funny because he doesn't have a lap!
Personally I think MODOK should have more mall Santa gigs, just think about it.  He weeds out the really bad kids and travels with his own chair, no reindeer required.  I also really dig the fact that the mall elf is checking her watch here.  Waiting for that break so she can head over to Orange Julius or something.
Scope out more of Ben's art over at bdmontag.blogspot.com or, benjaminmontag.art on Instagram
Huge thanks for sharing the work Benjamin.  You're helping fill March full of Mindblasts!
Put some MODOK in your March,

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Late Night MODOK!

I'd started painting this one back in February.  Wasn't sure if I'd wanted to post it this year. But, after spending another thirty minutes or so with it here on Saturday night I found myself kinda pleased with his scowl and expression.  Like he'd be angry if I didn't post him up tonight to keep the blog rolling.

Best wishes to all on this last week of March MODOK Madness.

May your Mindblasts be MIGHTY!

Friday, March 24, 2017


Forget about the brackets, and get with the Mindblasts.
Here's a little Mini MODOK to help fill in the Friday afternoon.
Looking forward to the last few week of MMM2017!  Hope you'll join in with some MODOK artwork of your own!


Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

"Do you like to sketch or draw?  Perhaps you like to Mindblast"
John Douglas sent us this sweet art test by mail inspired MODOK and writes,

This submission is all Pedro's fault!  He knows what he did, so blame him!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a "Tippy-D.O.K." to draw in hopes of advancing my career in causing mass chaos not just confined to friends and family.  Let's just say I'm hoping to Major in Disaster, with a Minor in Inconvenience.

Hope y'all like it.
Never have a turtle and a pirate looked better.  Fantastic concept and execution by John and was happy to contribute whatever part I may have added to this.
For more Artwork from Mr. Douglas visit johndouglasart.blogspot!

March is for MINDBLASTING!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Submitted MODOK: Rob McDaniel

We've been following Rob's MODOK sculpt here since it's debut at the Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month and we are happy to report that it is COMPLETE!  Mr. McDaniel writes,
I've wrapped up working on the MODOK sculpt I started at ECCC. He's about 15 inches tall from the bottom of his Doomsday chair to the top of his mind blasting cranium, so this big guy took longer than I planned on working on him.

Thanks again for another year of posting all that art for March MODOK Madness!
Amazing.  Even got that cosmic cube in there for good measure.
Also, be sure to visit Rob over at cgmutant.artstation.com

Mindblasts for All!

Submitted MODOK: Rob Zailo

Rob to the RESCUE!

The inbox had been a little quiet over the past days.
So, I was super pumped to find this submission from Mr. Zailo who writes,
Here is my submission for this year.  Better late than never right?
Truer words were never spoken Rob.  Now is the time for MODOK, gotta get at those drawings.
Just a little more than one week left!

For more work from Rob you can visit him at  www.zailo.comfacebook.robert.zailo, or rzailo.deviantart.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pedro's Mid-Week MODOK!

Hey all. 

Third installment of the year here.  Really like making my MODOK images colorful, but may have gotten too much darkness and stuff going on here.  Either way I had fun with it and I'm looking forward to one more magnificent week of MMM 2017!

Keep on Mindblasting!


The Line It Is Drawn: Nick Butch

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter follower, werehawk1 suggested: Wonder Woman in Superman v Batman

The art for this one is by Nick Butch. His website is here.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ms. Marvel Love Tap



The Line It Is Drawn: Nick Perks

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, LordAndrew suggested: David Bowie.

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.


Monday, March 20, 2017




Love drawing MODOKS in my margins during March.

Hello Fellow MODOK Marchers!

We're pulling into week three here at MMM2017 and are really excited to see what comes next.
For now I'll post up this little scribble I'd colored.  Started out as a Micron pen sketch with a dash of marker before I hit it with some photoshop. Real tiny little MODOK images are always fun.

Make sure you don't miss the chance to make some MODOK this March!

The Line It Is Drawn: Sean McFarland

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, LordAndrew suggested: Charlie Chaplin.

Sean McFarland is the artist for this one. Here is his website.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hot Earl Grey MODOK!

Quick little Micron Pen sketch with some photoshop chopped in.
Another short one.

I really enjoy doing simple little doodles of MODOK and seeing how I can punch them up within the Photoshop program.  A bulk of my day job involves painting over rough drawings and trying to plus them whenever possible.  Had fun with this one too.  I was concerned about the logistics of a cup of hot tea with steam in the vacuum of space.  But, then I remembered that he has Mindblasts to keep it in that cup, and keep it HOT!
Mindblast Level 8, Engage!

I'll be in my ready room,

The Line It Is Drawn: Conan Sinclair

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, LordAndrew suggested: Bruce Willis.

The art for this one is by Conan Sinclair. His website is here.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

MODuck Tales

From The Line It Is Drawn at CBR this week: Mash up comic characters with Disney, suggestion by Mike Shirley.


The Line It Is Drawn: Padraic Coyne

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, LordAndrew suggested: Marilyn Monroe.

The art for this one is by Padraic Coyne. His website is here.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Mean Green MODOK!

Stay safe out there everyone. MODOK is watching.

As in the past I've drummed up a green glad MODOK for St. Paddy's day.  Now I'm off to pour an drink for myself.

Have great one fellow Mindblasters!

Happy St. Patrick's Day From MODOK

In keeping with my annual MMM tradition, Banshee and MODOK wish you a very happy St. Patrick's Day!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

MODOK Sketcharoo

Toolin' around in a notebook.


Submitted MODOK: Eric Collins

"What's best in life Conan?"... "I'm Modok now!"
I typically see Eric at a weekly figure drawing event in the city.  I must have mentioned March MODOK Madness when we last spoke, because this evening the inbox recieved some Cimmerian inspired mental organism Artwork!

It's truly good to be MODOK! He'll Mindblast his enemies, see them driven before him and hear some lamentations.  
If you fancy a peek at more work from Eric you can visit him at oobust_dot_com!

Contemplate this, on the tree of Whoa!

Submitted MODOK: Ryan Kavanaugh

M.O.D.O.B (Mental Organism Designed Only for Bottle-Flipping) 

Ryan returns this year with a slick MODOK submission.  While tying a little pop culture reference to our favorite mental organism he writes,
M.O.D.O.B (Mental Organism Designed Only for Bottle-Flipping) shows off dem skills with a mighty mindflip.
 I'd have to imagine that MODOK can mindflip anything he wishes water bottles, mayo jars, the family sedan.  Heck, you name it he'll flip it.  Also, if you're keen to see more work from Mr. Kavanaugh you can flip on over to visit him at instagram.com/kavanaw.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pedro's Mid Week MODOK!

Quick Micron scribble with a splash o' color.
Hey Everyone,

We're smack dab in the middle of March! It's been, a fun year so far, and I'm making sure to continue contributing my MODOK imagery to the cause.  I find myself fiddling with the digital color a lot lately.  Maybe I'll post some more uncolored drawings next week.

Mindblasts make the MODOK!

Beware The Ides-- Of MODOK!


The Line It Is Drawn: Dan Hogan

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, keath suggested: Darth Vader MODOK (and don’t try to tell me he’s not a celebrity!)

The art for this one is by Dan Hogan. His website is here.


Submitted MODOK: Gilbert Leiker

MODOK drinks Coffee to the power of eleven in this Fantastic Fractal by MOTHbot.
Mr. MOTHbot has been sending us a steady stream of MODOK art this March.
Gilbert definintely has the spirit of the MODOK season, and writes:
OK, here's my big one I've been doing all the work on the last two weeks.
M.O.D.O.C., The Mandlebrot Organism Designed Only for Coffee. It takes an infinite amount of power to keep mindblasting all the time. Makes me wish I had a mug of myself I could drink coffee from.
Happy 10th March MODOK Madness.
This is his fourth post of the year, and we can't thank him enough for joining us in MMM 2017!
As always you can scope out more work from MOTHbot over at mothbot.deviantart.

Put the MODOK into March!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Line It Is Drawn: Gene Guilmette

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

Twitter followers, JeffKeely , LuciferanHeart and werehawk1 suggested: Trump

The art for this one is by Gene Guilmette. His website is here.


Submitted MODOK: Collin David

Papercraft + MODOK = The delightful work of Collin David.
Collin sent us this awesome MODOK papercraft photo (with a BEEKEEPER even!) and writes,
This papercraft MODOK that you can make at home includes multiple alternate faces, extra issue-specific weapons, and even an AIM buddy with a giant science-gun. Make as many as you want! Make an army! They're mostly dopes, so you'll need a lot! Give MODOK all of the moods! Just don't let him fall out of his chair, or you might get a surprise. (Spoiler: it's a butt tattoo.) Download your MODOK PDF here, and AIM Buddy PDF here.
Yes, Print these bad boys out so that a papercraft mental organism can sit on your desk and remind you that MARCH is for MODOK!  If you'd like to see more photos of these beauties pop on over to Collin's site mindlessshelfindulgence.

March is for Mindblasts,

Submitted MODOK: Peder Riis

A conflicted Captain contemplates his conscience. By: Peder Riis
Mr. Riis sent us this artwork to celebrate Our tenth year of MODOK and writes,
Greetings from Denmark!
This is my fourth MMM, if I remember correctly. Always a fun to draw everyone favorite evil mastermind. 
Make my MODOK!

Kind regards,
Peder Riis
I'm always pumped to have submissions from around the globe when March arrives. It reminds me that Mindblasts have an impressively long range.   For more of Peder's work pop on over to visit him @ageofpeder!

Make my Mindblast a double,


Mindblasts at 2o,ooo Leagues!
Hey all,
Just set up some posts here for the next few days, and figured that it's good time for me to throw another submission of my own into the already rich pool of 2017 MODOK art.

Not sure I've ever drawn him as a deep sea diving Submarine before.  But, I figure it's probably something Ol' MODOK would be keen on.  You know, muck up the water supplies and generally cheese off Namor.

Hope you are all having a fantastic MMM2017!
Keep on Mindblasting!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Submitted MODOK: Gilbert Leiker

Gilbert "MOTHbot" Leiker
MOTHbot cannot stop drawing MODOK!  He writes, "Can't draw enough MODOK!"
We are honored to share in his wealth artwork this year during March MODOK Madness. Visit Mr. Leiker over at mothbot@deviantart.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Line It Is Drawn: Merk

Last year, CBR's The Line It Is Drawn posted their MMM pieces on April 1st, missing the short March window this blog upholds.  We lead this year's celebration with those pieces.

ErichMees suggested Joel Hodgson of MST3K: “Who’s that guy with the big head?” and werehawk1 suggested: John Cusack with a boom box held over his head.

The art for this one is by Merk. His website is here.