Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Monday, March 31, 2014

MODOK: Gone Fishin'

  Here we see the mental organism enjoying some downtime, as he bobs down the river.  No doubt he is pumping his own special brand of pollutant into the water supply, as he over fishes to his hearts content.

  It's time to chalk up another year of March MODOK Madness for me.  It's hard to even believe it's been Seven years since I sat down in a pub with my good friend Brendan, and we decided to dedicate a month to MODOK. 

As always I like to finish off the year by sending out thanks in my last post:
  • First and foremost, thanks to Brendan (my friend and fellow Beekeeper) for making this something I look forward to every year.  Already got some ideas for 2015!
  • Second I'd like to thank (hell even APPLAUD) all the artists and fans out there who devote their time and skills in celebration of the master of MINDBLAST.   The artwork you send every year keeps the month interesting and inspiring.  I salute you all.
  • Finally, I'd like to thank MODOK.  Because he is the reason most of this even happens.
  • Also, if you've missed the deadline for this March; worry not.  We'll see about setting it up next year.
In retrospect, it's been seven great years.  Here's hoping we all see each other for an eighth.


Submitted MODOK: Nelson Diaz

Wario-DOK will throw in extra evil green fart gas; free of charge.
Brother Nelson sent us this killer Nintendo themed Wario & MODOK Mash up.
Also, be sure to scope out more of nelsons work at www.nelsart.com or nelsart.tumblr.com.

Keep on mindblasting to the very end buddy.

Submitted MODOK: Rob McDaniel

Rob sent us this this kicking Isometric MODOK and writes,
Eventually I'll post a final, rotatable version of this voxel style MODOK on my site www.chaoticmutation.com.
As always thanks for hosting this every March.
We look forward to seeing the full rotation Rob, looks awesome so far. 
Thanks again for your submission and support.

Submitted MODOK: Gavin de Lint

The Organism known as Gavin de Lint sent us this awesome last minute MODOK and writes,
I hope I got this in on time.  Love love love this project, wish I had time for more than just a pencil sketch.
Gavin remains a long time contributor to the blog, and for more of his work check out: http://gavin.delint.ca/

Many thanks for the submission and support as always Mr. de Lint.

Submitted MODOK: Patrick Bodayle

Patrick sent us this spur of the moment MODOK image.  Using a fine ballpoint pin on a high end archival quality legal pad, he's crafted a fantastically malevolent MODOK.  

Many thanks to Patrick for sharing the MODOK with us in the few remaining hours of MADNESS 2014.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

A moody grayscale MODOK!
The mental organism known as Mr. Douglas RETURNS to our inbox with another MODOK post and writes,
Here's a second submission for March M.O.D.O.K. Madness 2014.  I'm hoping it can sneak in under the wire at the last minute.  It was supposed to be color, but, alas, I ran out of time.  Oh, well.  I hope y'all like it nonetheless.  :-)
John also attached a shameless link to blog, so go check it out at http://johndouglasart.blogspot.com
You'll be happy you did.
Keep on Mindblasting everyone.

Submitted MODOK: Joel Lobo

The mirror stand is amazing.
Joel Lobo is more then just a guy with an awesome sounding name.  He's the MODOK drawing badass who sent us this submission today.  Mr. Lobo writes,
I hope there is still time to participate in the March Modok Madness.  My image is an obvious reinterpretation of the Triple Self Portrait by Norman Rockwell. I hope you enjoy.
For this and more of Joel's art scope him out over at his website www.joellobo.com.

Thanks for the support Joel, keep on Mindblasting.

Submitted MODOK: Stewart G.

Well we should say Submitted "MODOKS" in this instance.  Because Stewart was very clever in his tactics for procuring SIX fine MODOK drawings and sending them to us.  Stewart writes,
Hi, hopefully I'm not too late to submit pictures for this year.
    Attached are some entries that my nieces and nephews and I did. I had to bribe them with Pokemon card to get them draw him with me.The girls especially didn't appreciate MODOK (he isn't a cute butterfly after all). I think they still had fun anyway.  Thanks for the fun. I hope to do it again next year.
Stewart's MODOK (above)

N. (age 13) captures MODOK's warface
A. (age 11) shared this MODOK.
El. (age 9) did this one
Em. (age 8) did this one.
I wish I could remember what name the girls were calling MODOK it was funny.
T. Age 6 and a half (He made sure I put down the and a half part) did this one.
He took the most convincing to draw with us, but the promise of Pokemon cards finally won out.

 On a side note MODOK totally endorses bribery and other forms of coercion, when it comes to making images in his name.  Because it's March, and it's time for MODOK drawing!

We'd like to thank ALL these young artists for they're time and talent this year.  Kids drawing MODOK is always an awesome addition to our inbox.

For these images and more check out Stewart's website HERE!.

P.S. Apologies to Stewart for the mix up in this post... Blogger told me it was totally cool last evening... and this morning it tanked..  So Here's the revised post.

Morning Cuppa MODOK.

He'll have his with cream, two sugars, and DEATH!
Coffee gives MODOK the worst kinda gas.  Which is why he's so quick to suck down those ten "Venti" ever Monday Morning so he can absolutely irradiate everyone in the office.

Well, this is the final day of MODOK everyone!
Right now I'm just waking up to what should be a rather busy day.
Hope you've all got your all doing well and that you're ready to MINDBLAST this week into bits.

Still MODOK after all these years,

Sunday, March 30, 2014


MODOK is a little tired here.  He's gonna charge up his Mind blaster and catch some shuteye.
He'll see you all after he gets his eight hours.  Prepare yourselves, he'll be grumpy when he wakes up.

MODOK around the Clock.

Submitted MODOK: Nye Wright

The mighty Nye Wright returns to us with more work from his weekly comic Sprout's Bookclub which is shared through the UK based bookstore Waterstones. 

Mr. Wright continues to be an American born illustrator working abroad in the United Kingdom. 
You can also treat your eyes to some tasty images by checking out his other work at http://welsheldorado.com.

Thanks for the submissions and support Mr. Wright. We salute you with a many MINDBLASTS.

Submitted MODOK: Wayne Quackenbush & Brendan Tobin.

Here's another post from the desk of Wayne Q. entitled "World Domination, same as always" M.O.D.O.K. with drawings by Wayne Quackenbush (left) and Brendan Tobin (right).

MODOK is always fun to draw with friends.  Come to think of it, I remember sitting and drawing the mental organism with Brendan the night we decided to begin the blog.

Keep on Mindblasting!

Submitted MODOK: Martha Antaya

Here's a follow up image of the work by Martha Antaya.  It's a fully fired & glazed ceramic M.O.D.O.K. now and it looks super menacing.

Big thanks to Martha for including MODOK in her artwork this March, and additional thanks to Wayne Q for sending the image our way.

Keep on Mindblasting,

Mighty Menancing MODOK and his MINI Magical Cosmic Cube.

I'm just trying to enjoy the final days of March this year.
With thoughts of MODOK in my mind right now.

Hope you dig,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Final Brown paper BAG MODOK!

I actually got a fair amount of mileage from my one or two Brown paper baggie drawings this year.
Yielded maybe a dozen MODOK images or so.  I'm happy with that...I'm also a fan of being thrifty with my art supplies when I can.
Be sure to check um all out and send your art in before it's too late.  Maybe I'll even post up the drawings themselves on the Brown bag. So you can see them minus the colors...

Hope you dig, and keep on MINDBLASTING!

Submitted MODOK: Teddy Dilucia

Friend of the blog Wayne Quackenbush, is a MODOK fan.  So he is helping us finish up MMM 2014 on a high note.  He sent us a small collection of MODOK art that he'd gathered from the wilds of Rhode Island.

Here we have a Mixed Media painting about 18" X 24" by Teddy Dilucia of Providence, RI.

Big thanks to Teddy for kicking out the MODOK art and for letting Wayne pass it along to us.  We'll be sure to share the other posts here soon.

Viva la MODOK!


Looking back at my posts from this year verses the past years I've seen an increased skew towards lots of colors and digital painting type stuff.  Playing with MOOD lighting a bunch.
I hope you've been digging it.
To add to that, here's a super grumpy bald MODOK with a cigarette knitted into his teeth and scars on his noggin.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Submitted MODOK: Benjamin Montag

Benjamin sends us another MODOK.  That's right folks, the fat lady is almost singing as we come to the end of another March.

Check out more of Benjamin's work here.

Thanks for all your contributions, Benjamin.  See you next year!


The Line It Is Drawn: Nick Perks

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter follower, the_malefic suggested: Woody Allen

Check out Nick's work here.



Submitted MODOK: Xcar Malavida

PABLOCK by Xcar Malavida
This fine MODOK submission was sent to us by Carlos Melgares for his friend Xcar.
It is a caricature of Carlos' brother PABLO plus a dash of MODOK thus creating PABLOCK!

Xcar and Carlos also make a humor magazine together, and you can check that out HERE!

Keep on MINDBLASTING everybody.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Line It Is Drawn: Fernando Pinto

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter followers, StephenMuses and wur2le, suggested: The Pope

Check out Fernando's work here.



Submitted MODOK: Ian Zucchino

Ian is a MODOK fan!  He sent us this sweet image today and writes,
Hello MMM,
   Unfortunately, I missed out on the last two years and didn't want to miss MODOK MADNESS for a 3rd year in a row.  So, here's a MODOK expelling some excessively build-up rage. Hope you like...
    Thanks again for keeping the MINDBLASTING MODOK's alive every March.
Big thanks to Ian for sending the work, we are more then happy to share it here during MARCH!
For this and more of Ian's work visit his Blog or Tumblr!



Submitted MODOK: Filipe Homem Fonseca

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood MINDBLASTER!
Filipe can't get enough MODOK.  So, he sent use his second image of the season and writes,
Thanks a lot publishing my first submission on the March Modok Madness blog, it's an honour!  And now I cannot stop the madness, so here's a second submission: The Superior Spider-Modok!  Keep up the madness, and all hail MODOK!
Check out this and more of Filipe's work over at his BLOG!


The entity known as MOTHBOT returns with another submission here in our last week of March and he writes,
I felt like doing one more this year, so here is MODOK with a cat and a mug of coffee just relaxing a bit.
imagine MODOK's head being an ideal place for any cat to sleep.  Plenty of room, but with risk of possible MINDBLAST.

For more illustrations and work from MOTHBOT pop on over to his page at DeviantART!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Submitted MODOK: Nye Wright

Nye Wright wrote us a nice little note:
I'll admit that my awareness of M.O.D.O.K. came entirely through your blog first back in 2011. I loved it and then researched the character. 
Now I'm writing and drawing a weekly comic strip for the UK bookstore, Waterstones, called Sprout's Bookclub. Stan Lee has been visiting for the past couple of weeks. But Jack Kirby showed up last week and this week, he brought M.O.D.O.K. (and others with him).
Beautiful work, Nye.   Mr. Wright is an American illustrator and cartoonist living in the UK.  His graphic novel, "Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park... When You're 29 and Unemployed", was published by Myriad Editions in 2012. You can check out his work at  http://welsheldorado.com.

Thanks for the contribution, Nye.


The Line It Is Drawn: Mike Rooth

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
MichaelHealy18 suggested: Rob Ford – Robotic Organism Bothered by Frequent Ordinary mayoRial Duties

Check out Mike's work here.

Stunning piece, Mike!


Submitted MODOK: Legion McRae

Here's a little video from Legion McRae!

We had quite the time receiving and posting, but it was a fruitful journey in the end!

The tune is Baby Götterdämmerung by the band Monster Magnet and, yes, they do mention MODOK in it!  More songs should.


Submitted MODOK: Benjamin Montag

Benjamin returns with his third MODOK post this year! 
It's a rather editoral MINDBLAST, but I suppose anyone with enough power would make us think of the almighty MODOK.

Big thanks to Benjamin for keeping MODOK in his mind all March and for sending us the images.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Submitted MODOK: Damon O'Keefe

Damon sent us this awesome MODOK team image with our old friend ARNIM ZOLA and writes:
This is a piece I recently did for an art show that is MODOK related I though I would share it with you. I would love it if you can post it on your blog. It's is painted clay on wood.
Well Damon we're always happy to post MODOK images in March, so we posted it right up for ya. Really digging the 3D quality of the shapes you've sculpted; great colors too.

For more work from Damon, be sure to visit him HERE!


The Line It Is Drawn: Sean McFarland

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter follower, Kholdstare21, suggested: Wil Wheaton.

Check out more of Sean's work here.

Oh, Wesley.


Submitted MODOK: Carlos Melgares

Carlos sent us this GIF of MODOK with a dashing photo of Bill Murray in place of his grim visage.  He's bobbing around in a field of red clouds in a most hypnotic fashion.  Once you make eye contact you'll never look away.

For more animated gifs from Carlos visit his photobucket page HERE!

Submitted MODOK: Mental MODOKS: Joseph Barille

Fourth in a series by Joe:
This is "MENTAL MODOKS: PADOK". He's the 4th and final MENTAL MODOK in my series. And boyo don't let this seemingly good-natured, yet confused, mental MODOK fool you. He's as foul as the rest of them. Seething deep within his synthetic brain-bowels is a mental gassy build-up. This guy releases mental mind-farts from his forehead and hovers via venting powerful noxious blasts from his posterior!
Check out Joe's work here:

My Portfolio: http://www.barrile.com
My Behance: https://www.behance.net/JosephBarrile

Thanks for your continued submissions, Joseph!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Grouchy Grey-haired Pipe Munching MODOK.

Crotchity OL'DOK, always in a sour mood.
I figured I'd tune out an older version of MODOK this time around.  Had fun with the colors for sure.
I've got a few more days of MODOK ahead, Shooting to make the most of them.

Hope you dig,

The Line It Is Drawn: Nelson Flores

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter follower, JeffKeely, suggested: Vin Diesel

Killing's killing.


Submitted MODOK: Monte Michaelis

The Mighty Monte has posted here in years past and returns again this year with a moving MODOK.  He sent us this twenty four frames of goodness along with a little note that reads,
Hey, hey!
This is Monte Michaelis, formerly of PopCap, now of WildTangent Studios. I'm excited to make a MODOK again this year. So excited, in fact, that I made one that MOVES!
Thanks for keeping this going. I look forward to it every year!
Monte is posting animated gifs (like the one) new Tumblr, which can be found HERE!
So be sure to scope it out.


Submitted MODOK: Luke Spicer

The mental organism known as Luke sent us this stunningly purple MODOK with the following message,
Hi there, as it's my first submission I've gone for a straight up regular, vanilla MODOK.
My next submission will hopefully be a little more imaginative.
Love the blog! Thanks.
Here at the MMM we enjoy MODOK straight up, or even on the rocks.  Just happy that everyone that is sharing art with us this month is enjoying the chance to make some art.

More of Mr. Spicer's work can be viewed at Lukespicerillustration!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Submitted MODOK: Tom Imber

Tom is a painter. He likes to paint things; MODOK is definitely among the list of things he likes to paint.  Tom writes,
Thank you for the wonderful tradition. Here's my submission for this year, it's an oils on a panel.
Something about seeing MODOK rendered in oil paints make me think of what it must be like standing in the lobby at A.I.M corporate headquarters.  With the Titanium whites in MODOK's eyes melting my brain.

For more from Tom feel free to visit him over HERE!


Submitted MODOK: Brandon Dawley

Howdy MODOK fans!  
Brandon sent this image into our inbox, and he writes...
I'm finally getting one to you on time this year.
I have no idea why I chose Firestorm. Maybe because he's one of my favorite DC heroes and M.O.D.O.K. is one of my favorite Marvel villains.
Childlike reasons are always best.
We appreciate the childlike wonder that MODOK inspires in Mr. Dawley's work.
Feel free to check out more work from Brandon over HERE!

Keep on MINDBLASTING everybody.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Line It Is Drawn: Brendan Tobin

Now it's my turn.  From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter follower, Ecovore, suggested: Chris Christie

Check out more of my work here.


Submitted MODOK: Henning Larsen

This is the last submission an a batch we received from Henning Larsen.  He made this mash-up and writes,
Heres a Chopper MODOK(from One piece), since my girlfriend, felt pressured into to joining the festivities of march celebrating MODOK. 
Proof positive that MARCH MODOK is a time of couples unity.
For more work from Henning be sure to visit him at Luchacomico.dk.


The Line It Is Drawn: Mathieu Parent

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
Twitter follower, Ecovore, suggested: Kim Jong Un

Check out more of Mathieu's work here.

Generations of awesome.


Friday, March 21, 2014

The Line It Is Drawn: David Branstetter

From The Line It Is Drawn Week 181:
It’s that time of the year again, people! It’s March MODOK Madness! So go make suggestions for famous (non-comic book) celebrities as MODOKs!
The Line It Is Drawn editor, Brian_Cronin suggested: Bill Murray.

Check out more of David's work here.

Hole in one, David.


Submitted MODOK: Henning Larsen

Here's the second submission in a pack of art we received from Denmark native, Henning Larsen.

While looking deeply into his MODOK mug he saw a monstrous version of the mental organism himself.  Something truly creepy about a spider faced MODOK, definitely a villain to be feared.

For more work from Henning be sure to visit him at Luchacomico.dk.


Submitted MODOK: Martha Antaya

Here's a "George Tarleton" by Martha Antaya
Martha sent us this sweet image of the man that would become MODOK.

Big thanks to Martha for her artwork, and support of the MMM 2014!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Submitted MODOK: Eric Shonborn

Eric sent us this awesome MODOK submission along with a little note that reads,
I submitted a MODOK in 2012 and then also won my office NCAA pool. I didn't submit in 2013 and then lost the pool. So let's see what happens now.
Here at the blog we don't know much about the NCAA, March is for MODOK.  But, we do believe that MODOK has great power indeed so best wishes with this years pool.
Visit Eric's Blog at Shonborn (Shonborn's Carpal Tunnel).