Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey, all. Mere minutes before March MODOK Madness comes to a close for another year. I whipped this sketchy puppy out just under the wire. Whew.

I want to thank everyone who has supported this blog this month. Thank you to all the artists who contributed their wonderful MODOK renderings. Thank you to all the collectors who shared their collected pieces featuring MODOK. I'm glad that you see the genius in Kirby's character and commission works that include him. Thank you to all the websites and blogs out there who linked to us. You guys sent major traffic our way and helped get people involved in the madness. Thanks to all the people who came by and checked out the many different MODOKs. Last but certainly not least, a lot of thanks to Pedro Delgado, partner in crime and co-administrator on this blog, for not only your inspiring pieces, but your tireless effort in maintaining and promoting March MODOK Madness. [Cue "get-the-hell-off-the-stage" music here.]

Yes, it is a sad affair to see the end of March for 2009 and a whole year of MODOKlessness. But if you love Jack Kirby that much, how about contributing to the April Reign of Arnim Zola? Why not? See you next year. Just like summer camp. Love.


Detroit Modok City!

I guess that's all for this year...from the basement of Ford Field.

Submitted MODOK: Adrian Rivero

Adrian writes:


Get Ready... because nothing will ever be the same again!

Meet F.A.U.X.D.O.C.K.(Fake, Asshole, Urban, Xenophobe, Designed Only For Killing). When he was in highschool he had a crush on Michelle Meyers but she thought he was a dweeb with his cello lessons and braces and greasy hair. But in highschool he found out about indie music and sunglasses and spiked hair in faux mohawk fashion. He never did fit into the skinny jeans or get that first Death Cab For Cutie album but he did learn the faux-jitsu ways and manage to pull some chicks(especially those with fifties style accouterments). I hate him. I hate him so much. My leather jacket and fashionably quaffed fake bed head hair will never amount to a freckle on his joystick-ed chair.

By the way, he did eventually get Michelle Myers. All it took was a bender on Jagermeister over at Senor Frog's in Cancun where they talked about Whitney leaving The Hills. Later they visited the Cabo Wabo bathroom and they totally consummated that shit.

He didn't end up with Michelle Meyers, though. He kept getting booty calls from MODAM after she finished cramming for exams. His bro's told him not to "do" her because she was fugly, but "modoks of a feather--" and all that, you know.

Anyway, now he does real estate at Re-max in Encino where I think he is totally balling the receptionist. But he pretends to date Jessica Stein because her dad is the boss so he gets the best properties. He says you always have to have a plan.

Thanks, Adrian. www.graphicapparatus.blogspot.com/


just in under the wire


A MODOK drawn in MSN while chatting it up with chum Brendan Tobin.
We's on a C.Jones kick.


MS Messenger MODOK

MODOK writes:


Some Literary scholars now believe that Victor Hugo's masterpiece The Hunchback of Notre Dame was based loosely on one of Modok's earlier ancestors.
He lived above the Cathedral and didn't bother too many people. In fact he was really sweet on this gypsy girl too, but he wasn't much to look at. So, when an angry mob of French peasants ousted him, from his domicile for his terrifying appearance. He fled to seek out a life of revenge...this led to killin', and mindblasts down the road. Thus continued the long time honored Modok heritage.

That being said, this'll be my last MODOK for o9'.
I wanted to thank everyone involved for making it a most excellent year indeed.
In fact this year:
-We Increased site traffic almost exponentially.
-The word got out on the web, and Modok was noticed by all kinds of neighboring websites.
-There was a steady influx of new members to the blog, along with submitted works from all kinds of talented artists, and fellow Modok fans.
-We Netted almost 130 plus posts for the whole of march and the last day isn't even over yet!
Great WORK everyone!!

So, again I thank you all. With Special thanks to my Co-captain BrendanTOBIN for his crackerjack effort and time spent keeping up with updating submissions while making awesome Modok images. Also, I'd like to thank Kasra Ghanbari for peppering our mailbox with wonderful Modok drawings from his vast personal stash.

I've got plenty of unfinished drawings here on my desk, that I hope you'll come back and check out during next year. Other then that I encourage you to take some time to browse the site, lots of great work, tons of great artists, and one BAD ASS MENTAL ORGANISM.

So, Farewell 09'
Get ready for...


Submitted MODOK: Geof Isherwood

So, as a special treat Kasra Ghanbari, a great friend to the blog proposed we post something truly awesome.
And so we proudly present....MARILYN MONROEDOK!

He writes:

"Hey, I've been saving this one for something special, real special. I've only shown this piece to maybe 10 people ever and each time, I've given them this warning. "There's your life before viewing this piece, and your life after. Are you sure you want to see it?"
Of course, they all said yes, so consider yourself warned.

This Image is the handywork of artist Geof Isherwood, who's info is below. It's based on the famous 1949 calendar photo session with Marilyn Monroe, info here:
She's Topless in this image and ridiculously beautiful, so if you can't handle that, don't go clicking this link....

Do you think its too much?

Strangely enough, At least half the guys who've orginally viewed this ended up using it as their computer wallpaper. Strangely sick...and oh so right.


Thanks again for all your support Kasra.
We here at the blog agree, its MODOK-TASTIC!

Artist: Geof Isherwood
Web Site: http://www.geofisherwood.com
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari

Submitted MODOK: Adam Rosenlund

Lampin' in Bed-Stuy is BRODOC, BROther Designed Only for Chilling! Adam is working on a series of prints that merges hip hop icons with the ridiculous aspects of comic lore, and this is the first from the series. Mo money, mo problems, mo dok. Thanks Adam!


Submitted MODOK: Matt Doyle

Tom Church has been so busy recruiting peeps to this blog you would think he works for AIM! Here's the latest from his recruiting pool, a pruny faced MODOK by Matt Doyle! Speaking of pools, don't stay that long in the water next time, MODOK! Thanks for the great work, Matt!


Submitted MODOK: Jay Silver

MODOK is so bossy. "Go kill this! Go kill that! There's a spider in my bathroom, go kill it for me!" Man, I remember when he used to get his own hands dirty. Thanks for the killer contribution, Jay!



Brendan, Pedro, ...for all you do, this post's for you.
Keep it coming guys. Thanks for the DOK's.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Submitted MODOK: Adrian Rivero

Adrian returns to March MODOK Madness this year with a piece he dug up from a few years ago. Here's a decidedly defiant MODOK flanked by two AIM flunkies, flippin' the ol' bird. That's right, nothing says business like whipping out the middle digit to your adversary with your buddies backing you up. Bring it, Iron Man. Thanks, Adrian! Check out his blog at: www.graphicapparatus.blogspot.com.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Submitted MODOK: Eddie Adams

MODOK rocks out. And when MODOK rocks out, he rocks out to Monster Magnet. And why not? The hard rock band from Jersey happens to mention MODOK in "Baby Götterdämerung", his favorite tune. Like you wouldn't dig a tune that mentioned you? Thanks for the piece, Eddie! To see more of Eddie's work, go here:



Submitted MODOK: Simón Wilches Castro

The worst job in AIM: middle management. This poor guy made a wrong decision, blew a quota, and incurred the wrath of the big man. Discipline is a bummer, especially with MODOK stuck on your head. Thanks for the submission, Simón! See more of his work here:



Submitted MODOK: Holly Mongi

Easter is almost here, and you know what that means. MODOK's dressing up like the Easter Bunny and hiding explosive eggs for all the boys and girls. Kind of a horrible thing to do, but he's MODOK and it is an annual tradition. Let's hope you luck out this year and lose the hunt. Thanks for joining in, Holly!


Meet The MODOKs

Staying out all night, smoking and drinking, doing some killing, and playing cards with the boys, MODOK's got some 'splainin' to do. But, really, how much damage can she inflict waving that rolling pin around with those petite arms? Yeah, I know, an antiquated and chauvinistic depiction of the louse husband and his vengeful shrew wife, but then again, how else would you imagine the coupling of two homicidal mental organisms? That's right, like something out of Andy Capp.


Submitted MODOK: Matt Zolman

Matt Zolman always wondered why MODOK had that look on his face. Unfortunately for us, Matt clued us in as to why. How about a courtesy flush there, pal? Great drawing and thanks for the submission. See more of Matt's great pencil work at: mattzolman.wordpress.com


Submitted MODOK: Matthew Elliott

A contemplative MODOK on his way home after a long day of Mindblasts. No doubt. Hopefully, he can find a little peace at home, maybe curl up with a good book and let figuring out the cosmic cube for the next workday. Thanks for the submission, Matthew! You can see more of Matthew's work at: www.SquidVsBear.com.


Submitted MODOK: Mike Wetterhahn

Mike sends us another one, this time featuring MODOK, the King of Rock 'n Rolla'! "I'm soooo lonely, I could kill! Thankyouverymuch." Dig that hair. Nice work, Mike!


Submitted MODOK: David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez sends us a nice piece wherein MODOK delivers a devastating mindblast to the new Captain America. Good luck, Cap, and all the best, but in the end, you ain't no Steve Rogers. Thanks for the submission, David! Check out more of his work at: http://milesdei.deviantart.com/.


Steampunk MODOK

Meet the bane of the Black Country, Lord George MODOK Tarletonshire! This mechanized mental organism is a peevish bludger who hands out dewskitches to any muck snipe or mark he happens upon in the dank streets of Wolverhampton. Armed with a cutthroat gang of lurkers, mug-hunters, and nobblers collectively known as AIM (Advanced Industrial Mechanisations), this sinister scurf rolls out of the rookery, with barkers blazing, to coordinate capers and ruffle the rozzers in the name of science! Hmmmm....quite.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

MODOK, what is best in life?

To Mindblast your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!!!

Little late to the party but enjoy some back to basics MODOK!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Some weird things happened with Marvel back in the 90's...
Heck, few people even know that Modok tired to change roles for a little while during this period. He wasn't getting much work fighting Cappy and Tony Stark so he branched out in order to up his street cred...
It was for this part in a brand new comic for a sister company. The characters name was KILLY KILL KILL BLOODKILLER WOLFSTRIKE KILL DEATHMAKER KILLMARK KILL Mc RIPSLASHER KILLINGTON.

O.K. so he didn't read the whole script, and quit the gig a few weeks later. But, Its rumored that he kept one of the crazy big guns for use in killin', and one of the pocket belts, for sorting skittles and loose screws.

If you laugh, at modok. Expect a Mindblast.

EDIT: Also, Today we topped the 100 Post mark for the month of march...ONE HUNDRED MODOKS!... IT BOGGLES THE MIND!...

Thanks for the support Everybody.

Submitted MODOK: Francesco Francavilla

This digitally drawn gem comes from the skilled hands of Mr. Francavilla who said,

"And here’s the other one I had in mind ;)
Morning warmup. Now I need to get some pages done, darnit!"

So I present, MODEK!!!
Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, extermin.......ect.
The Dr. Who inspired Modok.


Submitted MODOK: Tom Church

The Battle of the Frodoks! 'Nuff said! Thanks, Tom!


Submitted MODOK: Giorgio Comolo

Here we have another brilliantly rendered Modok by, Giorgio Comolo who is putting the nail in the coffin for Modok's public image.

Web Site: http://redsectorart.com/comolo/index.php
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari

Two-Fer Friday!

Weird Hair M.O.D.O.K.

Othodox Jew M.O.D.O.K.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Submitted MODOK: Mysterious Type Person

This piece came to me via mysterious ways from a mysterious person. A situation that in itself is so shrouded in mystery that I can't even begin to fathom how mysterious the situation may actually be. That being said, this MODOK may quite possibly be my absolute... favorite... MODOK... ever. So there.

Thanks for the work, mysterious type person. Run to your shadows.


Submitted MODOK: Steve Moverley

This Modok Comes from the easel of Steve Moverley.
Here Steve, is working to capture Modok in a period of relaxation, on a picnic in the park, during a fine warm day.....
Damn squirrel stole MODOK's sandwich! Can't MODOK enjoy a simple picnic in peace?!?!
This might have ruined Modok's meal but as you can see he's also ruined the park and playground.
Now, I can't even use that slide anymore, yeesh.

And all of this so Modok could blast that squirrels nuts.....take that you little sandwich theif.....MINDBLAST!!

Cheers Steve.

Submitted MODOK: Gavin de Lint

This is far and away one of Modok's favorite ways to kill off unwanted AIM henchmen.
It involves a large meal of rich food and then a little time to digest. Then All Modok's gotta do is find the BEEKEEPER that he wants gone so he can ask those three little words...
Most AIM troopers must do as they are told, and die a horrible death of noxious asphyxiation. Some are even less fortunate when they are torched because the methane is ignited by Modok' hoverchair. But, One thing is sure..."to refuse Modok, earns you a big fat MINDBLAST!"

For more of Gavin's work check out: http://gavin.delint.ca/

Thanks for the Modok Gavin.

Submitted MODOK: Luke Denby

Luke was worried he'd be late getting this Modok to us, but his love of the Modok Madness assured that his drawing would make it on time. For more of Luke's work hit up, http://lukedenby.deviantart.com/.

Thanks Luke.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


or for the politically correct, inuit-dok (there you go, brendan). this was done at tom church's request.

my third and possibly final modok of the year.. thanks to brendan and pedro for letting me join in.

and here's my blog for anyone who cares: http://danatron.blogspot.com

Submitted MODOK: Ray Alma

Ray Alma, has returned yet again with this wicked watchmen inspired MODOK.
Note the terror in the eyes of that AIM agent, Priceless. Its the same expression I had on my face when I heard about those AIG bonuses. But, MODOCTOR MANHATTAN doesn't take no mess and he doesn't need any stinking pants, thank you very much.

He's just doing what comes naturally.

Great work Ray, and thanks again for the submission.

Submitted MODOK: Klee

Klee, makes another contribution with a BFF Pic.
Here's ol' Modok with his buddy Cy-KILL.
They Used to room together back in College I hear, which is where they both developed there love of Killin' and Villainy.
They really are a great pair of guys.

Thanks again Klee.

Submitted MODOK: Sean Williams

Hmmm....I don't like that look in MODOK's eye. Guaranteed he's going for the last piece of chicken....Thanks for the artwork, Sean! You can see more of Sean's work at his blog: www.seanrosswilliams.blogspot.com.


Submitted MODOK: Arvin Bautista

Why is MODOK always more menacing when he's moving? Thanks for the great piece, Arvin, and always good to find another Razorback fan out there. Here's to Buford Hollis! Check out Arvin's portfolio at: www.freesuperheroes.com.

[EDIT: Tried to post the animated gif through photobucket so the thumbnail would animate, but apparently it stopped working. Click on thumbnail to see MODOK float up and down on its own html page.]


Mental Organism Wins Big

Three day returning champion and always hits the true daily doubles....


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


YEP...MODOK is getting a little older, and he's finding it harder to get by.
What with the cost of all the meds he's takin'. Plus the hoverchair refuelings he's been forced to start to clipping coupons so that he can still get out and live a little whilst doing his Killing.

I think that Coupon clenched in his mit is for a free, Denny's Grand Slam. Modok knows that its expired two months ago, but he also knows that if Denny's doesn't honor it. EVERYONE IN THAT PLACE CAN EXPECT A MINDBLAST!...


Submitted MODOK: Klee

The entity known only as Klee sends these two pics of MODOK:

The tough economy has hit us all, MODOK must use general public transportation methods to save money for hover chair fuel.

Kick Ass Tinker MODOK!

Thanks for the great work, Klee!


Submitted MODOK: Fonce Falooda

Fonce returns this year with this little gem that makes me wonder why I didn't think of it. He writes, "The trouble with Mindblasts is that they have no effect on the stupid." Probably true, which makes me wonder if they would work on these guys (brownie points for ya if you know who they are). Thanks, Fonce.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Submitted MODOK: Ryan Harris

Looking for a career in science? Ryan Harris sent in this beautiful propaganda poster proclaiming the glory of a career within AIM, one of the most progressive and innovative tech institutions that a demented scientific technician could hope to work for. Besides the privilege of toiling for a giant headed killing machine, AIM offers full health and dental benefits, bonuses from tax-payer bailout moneys, and free pizza Fridays. Sign me up. Thanks, Ryan! Check out his blog: www.ryandestroys.tumblr.com.



Brendan just let me know that MODOK and THE MADNESS just got the thumbs up from the guys over at WIRED.COM!
Great work everyone!

That being said, I'll present my most recent MODOK.
Believe it or Not, the 1999 theatrical release DEEP BLUE SEA
,a thriller about biologically altered sharks with super intelligence. Was really based on some work A.I.M did back in the 70's. Upon finding out that S.H.I.E.L.D, was supplying Captain America with cool underwater diving crafts for use during infiltration upon deep sea hideouts. A.I.M. scientists embarked on a rush plan to create a genetic merger between their MODOK technology, and the oceans most deadly killing machine.

The project yielded the MODOK SUPERSHARK, the true apex predator of the deep.

This diagram shows the scale and grim visage of this horrible creature. Its said that it could capsize whole battleships and split submarines in half with its razor sharp gripper fins. Some reports even mention the harpoon turrets atop the head firing waves of missiles into countless S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Furthermore some believe, that A.I.M. installed dozens of Torpedo tubes within the mouth of this creature. Capable of firing enough to sink whole fleet.

Capn' America is gonna' need a bigger boat.

MODOK Visits The White House

MODOK and Nixon were fishing buddies back in '71. Little known fact.


Submitted MODOK: Mike R. Baker

Don't let the rainbows and cloying sweetness fool you. This is probably the most dangerous MODOK ever submitted to the blog. BEWARE! Check out more of Mike's amazing work at his blog: www.mikerbaker.com/knack/. Thanks Mike!


Submitted MODOK: Levi Krause

This bugged out little MODOK comes from Levi Krause. Wonder what he's freaking out about? Thanks for the great piece, Levi. More of his work at: www.dontaskcomics.blogspot.com.


Submitted MODOK: Mike Wetterhahn

Ahhh, MODOK Howard. So abusive and short tempered. But a sweet haircut all around. Soitainly! Nyuck nyuck nyuck! Thanks, Mike. Nice work!


Submitted MODOK: Tom Church

Tom sends us BRODOK: Beerswilling Retarded Organism Designed Only for Kegstands! I think I ran into him and his buddies at a Phish concert in Western Massachusetts 15 years ago. He was going to Phillips Academy in Andover back then and dating a girl named Muffy. Sweet piece, Tom! Thanks!