MODOK Madness 2024 was a blast! We'll see you again next March!

Sunday, March 31, 2024

So Long From MMM 2024!


I've become a man of fewer words over the years, but I'd like to thank my buddy Pedro for the many Marches, this one especially, and for drawing MODOK along side of me all this time!  Thanks to our many submissions and friends who come back to play each year!  And here's to Jack Kirby, the one who thought it up to start with!  Thanks!


Please be kind...

Just one last quick post from me this year with many thanks to my long time bloggin' partner Brendan! It's crazy to think that we've been sharing the March Modok madness for 16 years. That's a lot of artwork. I look forward to making more images with you all in 2025. In the meantime, I warmly invite you to check out all the previous posts that got us to this point. Have a fantastic remainder of 2024, and be most excellent human beings.


Submitted MODOK: Sebs


Old pal Sebs sends in a plethora of MODOKy goodness:

101 modoks .... man maybe i should do that next year. Sorry about getting these to you so late, March really blasted by.

You can find me at @sebasebs on instagram where I rarely post.


Some real beauties in there! And process videos!  We love process videos!  Thanks Sebs!


Submitted MODOK: RD

RD Returns with:
"George is dead, my friend. You can call me... MODOK!"

I wanted to do at least one more MODOK before the month is over, and against my better judgement decided to recreate a classic panel from The Killing Joke, poorly mimicking the great Brian Bolland.
Oh well, if nothing else, it might inspire others to make their own better versions.

I think it rocks! Awesome work, RD!  Thanks for your submissions this year! 


A Bunch Of MODOKs Courtesy Of John Douglas!

I've been a bad minion and haven't manned my station at the email inbox...

...but here is a slew of John Douglas MODOKs!  Some great ones this year, John, thanks so much for your multiple pieces this year!





Sunday Morning MODOK!_005

Hey fellow March Modok madness followers!

Well, twenty four hours from now we'll have another year in the books. Once again, I must thank everyone who shared artwork and visited the blog this year.  With additional thanks to my longtime friend-o Brendan Tobin for the inspirational images, and support with submissions. You all rock, and make this experience rewarding every year.

I salute you all with a mighty mindblast!

Saturday, March 30, 2024




Saturday Morning MODOK!_005

Beware the prehistoric cave Modok! It's believed that he didn't need a hover-chair for mobility, instead relying on his powerful body odor to levitate.

Another day, another Mindblast.

Friday, March 29, 2024




Friday Morning MODOK!_005

Tossing a little avant garde into this MODOK, with a color palette from an old Campari advertisment. I hope you dig.

Keep on Mindblasting,

Monday, March 25, 2024

Submitted MODOK: R D


Longtime contributor RD sends us this MODOK image and writes, 

...with apologies to Barry Godber and any King Crimson fans out there. Here's the 21st Century Schizoid MODOK!

Many thanks to RD for the continued support here on the blog and we invite you to check out his blog >here!<

Keep on trucking MODOK fans!




It's another MODOK Monday!_004

Kicking off our last full week of this year's MODOK celebration! Forget about the brackets and join us by making some artwork.

March is for MODOK,