March MODOK Madness 2020 is over! See you in 2021!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Marvel Two-In-One! And Goodbye!

Another year at March MODOK Madness is done!  A big thanks goes to all the people who submitted pieces, everyone who helped spread the word, and fans of MODOK everywhere.  It's you who makes this weird annual thing worth doing.

A huge thank you to my MMM partner, Pedro Delgado, for all the heavy lifting and ever vigilant watch on the inbox.  On top of all that, you produced so many tasty MODOKs.  You rock.

Here's an homage to the cover of Marvel Two-In-One 81, originally by Ron Wilson and Chic Stone.

See you next year!  Stay healthy and safe!


March MODOK Madness 2020...

....and exhale.

Whelp, this will be my last MODOK post here for 2020. Oddly enough, it's also the first MODOK I drew this year. Sketched in on a lunch break back in early February, and it's really amazing that this one month has felt like a year already. Strange days indeed.

Once again, I want to thank Brendan (my old battlefield brother in arms) for keeping this blog going with me for another year, when the distraction was most appreciated. He cranked out a mountain of marvelous drawings, and had them ready to go at the drop of a hat. I also wish to thank all the artists who shared their talent, time, and submissions with us. You put the mindblasts into March, year after year, and I can't thank you enough.

In closing, I'll take another deep breath here and move forward one day at a time. I hope that you all do the same, so that we can congregate again next year for more MODOK appreciation and artwork. Til then, please stay safe. Keep making things, and take care of yourselves out there.

Viva la Mindblasts,

Wrapping up 2020 Mindblasts

Hey all,

This is another quick little MODOK for the end of the Month. Really spectacular turnout this year amidst all the strangeness. Please take care out there and be well.


Submitted MODOK: Charlotte Fish

This lovely piece comes to us from David Fish, who submits it for his talented daughter, Charlotte!  It's a showdown between MODOK and Thanos that has MODOK is saying, "Your power is to[o] weak for I MODOK" to Thanos, who is saying "Oh, cheese!"

Oh cheese, indeed!  You're in for it now, Thanos!

Thank you, David and Charlotte!


Submitted MODOK:Nick Butch

Fellow Liner, Nick Butch, at CBR's feature The Line It Is Drawn sends in this great piece.  If you know Butch's work, you know he has an affinity for, if not obsession with, Quantum Leap.  Here's his Sam Beckett piece, whose acronym is Modified Organism Designed Only for Killing, But Electing to Caancel Killing and Electing to Change Things for the Better!  I love it!

Thanks, Nick!


Submitted MODOK: Xadek Julius

This beauty showed up in our Facebook page's inbox a few days ago and I missed it.  So sorry, Xadek!  Love the MODOK and thanks for your submission!


Submitted MODOK: RD

Another one from RD:
All right, here's one more for this year:

Another MODOK mash-up: Millie the MODOK.
And also an alternate version.

/Based on this cover of Millie the Model:

Okay, that's it for me, guys.
Thanks for the opportunity, and see you next year!
Nice!  Thanks for all your contributions this year, RD!


Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

A returning John Douglas gives us this gem, a worn-out MODOK taking a well deserved nap!  John writes:
Well, here's the last submission for March M.O.D.O.K. Madness for 2020. Alas, M.O.D.O.K. is too exhausted to Mindblast anymore for the month and needs a nap. I know the feeling!
I just wanna take a moment to thank y'all for the opportunity to play along. It almost fills that spot from a couple previous fun art Blogs I used to play on: Covered (recreating comic book covers) and Repaneled (recreating comic book panels).

I look forward to next year--and may have to do something to **REALLY** up my game!
And here's the usual link to my nonsense and shenanigans:
Thanks so much for all your contributions, John!


Submitted MODOK: Filipe Homem Fonseca

We get some more work from Filipe Homem Fonseca this year and he writes:

Hello there.  Hope everybody’s ok and in good health!  I couldn’t let this March Madness end without sending you guys these two M.O.D.O.K.s, one promoting the necessary social distance in this dire moment in our lifes, and another just for the cuteness of it.  Thank you for celebrating MODOK!  See you next year!  Stay strong, stay safe!  All hail MODOK!

Topical piece, Filipe!  Thanks for your submission!


iPad MODOK 15

The drawing of the MODOKs on an iPad, using Procreate.  Here's the last one of the year!


Monday, March 30, 2020

Just a Mini MODOK Monday_005

Five Mondays up, five Mondays down.

So, as this crazy month draws to a close, I'm gonna take a hot minute to reflect on how nice it's been to share MODOK artwork with you all, and have this place as a creative outlet. I will endeavor to carry this momentum into my personal work for the coming months, but really feel like March has been an excellent catalyst.

On that note, let's bring this all home tomorrow with some mighty Mindblasts to be remembered.
The last day of March MODOK Madness 2020 begins in thirty minutes.

Muchos Mindblasts,

Submitted MODOK: Ryan Dunlavey

Ryan Dunlavey cranked out this beauty and reminds us: never get between a MODOK and his pancakes!  You will not fare well!

You may remember Ryan's work from Marvel's MODOK: Reign Delay comic from a few years ago, so you know he knows MODOK.  If you want to see more of Ryan's work, check out his site and twitter.

Thanks, Ryan!


Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

The mental organism known as John Douglas has had a very productive month of MODOK Submissions here in 2020. Why, just yesterday he sent us this image along with an email that goes a little something like this,
John's Brain: John!  Hey, John, wake up!
John: Hmmama... wha-mbmbbb... [Snores]
John's Brain: WAKE UP!
John: HuhWha--?  Immuppp... I'm up!
John's Brain: Y'know those tangerines you bought yesterday?
John: Yeah...?
John's Brain: Well, if you cut out the front section, I bet you can make it look like M.O.D.O.K.'s face.  Just Photoshop some eyes and digitally paint the front a bit and you can submit it to March M.O.D.O.K. Madness!
John: [Long pause]  That's... [Another long pause]  Truly, that's gotta be one of the dumbest things you've ever sent my way, Brain.
John's Brain: Yeah, I know...
John: Well, it ain't gonna submit itself!  Let's do it, NOW!  [Leaps out of bed and races to the kitchen.]
So, this submission is a literal tangerine which I cut out to look like M.O.D.O.K., and then imported into Photoshop for a bit of digital chicanery.  The background is a photo I took of the interior of an old computer I had laying around (and should have taken to the Recycle Center a while ago now that I think about it), which was also imported and modified in Photoshop. The accuracy of that conversation in my head is both a sad and shocking glimpse into my life...

All good John, we applaud your resourcefulness during these trying times and that "Inspirational Honesty" attitude of your inner monologue is much appreciated. We'll also very happily share this link to your other works at https://johndouglasart.blogspot.com/.

Take care and keep Mindblasting in these final days of March 2020, everyone.

Submitted MODOK: Keith Vincent

Mental Organism Designed Only to... Emote?  You better believe it!  Choose a depiction of your feelings with MODOK emojis and share it with your grandma, who still doesn't understand how to text!  These guys are crafted by Keith Vincent in his third appearance this year!

You can follow Keith's antics on Instagram and check out his work on his site.

Thanks, Keith!


iPad MODOK 14

The drawing of the MODOKs on an iPad, using Procreate.  Hopefully these get better as the month goes on!


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Night_MODOK_003

BONUS ADDITION! With only two days left I am trying to get out a final few submissions for the year. Hope you dig.

March is for MODOK,

A Sunday Night MODOK approaches.....

Across the scroching wastes this MODOK approaches, his mindblasts a hotter then a thousand suns.
This year has been really good for doing little paintings and color studies. I hope you've been enjoying the posts and that you are taking care out there.

March is for MODOK,

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

I've lost track, but the manic MODOK mimeograph machine known as John Douglas sends in his most recent manga-inspired masterpiece!  He writes:
Hey, it's another March M.O.D.O.K. Madness submission! This time, M.O.D.O.K. appears to have had too much MANGA-nese in his diet. Ugh, I'll show myself out after that one...
Hey, it's okay John. We are all laughing on this side.  I promise!

Check out more of John's work here.


Submitted MODOK: RD

RD returns and writes:
Humpty Dumpty MODOK. Based on Sir John Tenniel's fantastic illustration for "Alice Through the Looking-Glass", and as a bonus feature, it also includes (since there was that huge empty space on the right side) the classic nursery rhyme as rewritten by my sister and me.
Nice work, guys!   MODOK seems right at home in the Looking Glass environment!  And as a bonus: a premiere sketch by RR found on Twitter!


Submitted MODOK: Keith Vincent

Forget Mega Man!  If you want maximum firepower when taking on a boss, you call in the pixelated power of MODOK Man!

You can follow Keith's antics on Instagram and check out his work on his site.

Thanks, Keith!