Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In Just ONE WEEK...

Join us on this, our 10th year, in celebrating the giant headed-host with the most, MODOK!  In one week, we will be at it again, posting your submitted art pieces featuring the mental organism we all know and love throughout the month of March.  Email us your work (modokmarch at gmail dot com) and remember, we do thirty-one (days) and then we're done (for the year.)

Get crackin'.


Thursday, March 31, 2016


Pencils DOWN!

Another year of MODOKS in March has come and gone, those 31 days seem to get a little shorter every year.  But, they are always fun because MODOK brings in a loyal fan base of genuinely talented folks who are awesome all the way around.  Big thanks to all those who support the blog and visit to share your time, talent, and, artwork with others who'd rather toss around Mindblasts as opposed to some jibber-jabber about brackets.   Your submissions make this blog fun, and I thank you all for that.

Also, tremendous thanks to my blogging cohort (and MODOK mentor) Brendan Tobin who met me in a bar nine years ago when we collectively decided that this would be a fun thing to do with the month of March.  We don't get out the bar as much as we used to, but we've more then made up for it by becoming bearded, and strikingly handsome.  Thanks again for another year of MODOK buddy.

Not much else to say.  I've got ice cubes to retrieve and scotch to pour.
Thanks again everyone.

Mindblasts to the LAST!


Submitted MODOK: Monte Michaelis

The mighty Monte continues his ongoing devotion to MODOK and writes,
Greetings once again!
This is Monte, back for what (I think) is my sixth year. I'm the Creative Director at Geocaching now, and though my job titles may change, my love for March MODOK Madness never will.
I'm coming in real close to the deadline this year, but life has been crazy. I'll do better in 2017!
As always thanks to Mr. Michaelis for his support.  We also invite you to check out his website: www.thisismonte.com.

March is for MODOKS,

Submitted MODOK: Lar DeSouza

This anguished mental organism was recently tweeted out by the man known as @lartist.  Always good to have you aboard, Lar!


MODOK Takes On The Hulk!

MODOK employs his giant robot armor to put down the Hulk!  Woop!

Thus ends another March MODOK Madness year, a quiet, calm one this go around, but one filled with many mighty MODOKs as well!  I had fun and hope you did as well.  Much thanks to my annual partner in the madness, Pedro Delgado.  Thanks for taking the editorial and bloggery reins as much as you do each year!  You rock.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support these past 9 (NINE!) years.  I'll see you all next March!


Submitted MODOK: The Brothers Lienard

Closing out the month with a bang!  Adrian Lienard sent this along:
Please enjoy MODOK WINS. You can download the game here https://slyshand.itch.io/modok-wins it is absolutely free, and it is a single .exe that you can run on Windows. Modok can't lose, Modok always wins. He destroys his enemies with ease and sits upon his throne waiting to continue doing battle another day. I also made a blogspot dedicated to the game http://modokwins.blogspot.com/ that has some of the in-game sprites that you can see more clearly.
 MODOK in his very own 8-Bit game, whoopin' butt and takin' names!  This is beyond cool!  First, go play the game and visit the game's blog!  And then, check out what the Lienards get into on their own sites:

Adrian Lienard: http://slyshand.deviantart.com/

Sebastian (sebasebs) Lienard: http://sebasebs.tumblr.com/



Submitted MODOK: Julien Koetsch

Julien visited the inbox with this tidbit of animated MODOK goodness.  He writes,
Sorry to be down to the wire, but I hope this makes is in!
What can I say... he's having a blast!
We couldn't agree more March MODOK Madness 2016 has been a blast.  Now let's bring it home!
Be sure to check out more of Julien's work over @ julien.koetsch.com/.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Submitted MODOK: Sebs

Here is a terrifying combination of R-Mika and Modok. 
The Superheroic sentient lifeform known as Sebs has sent us this Street Fighter spiced slice of awesome and writes,
March has been super busy this year almost didn't make one this year.
Have a good 2016,
So don't be shy check out some more art work from Sebs @ http://sebasebs.tumblr.com/
Or follow him on twitter @sebasebsebs

Thanks for the support Sebs!


Submitted MODOK: Seggiepants

A thoughtful MODOK fan by the name of Seggiepants sent us this MODOK and writes,
Attached is something I drew for your blog for March MODOK Madness. I hope I am not too late to enter.  Thanks for providing all the cool MODOK fun every year. I always enjoy seeing everyones cool art.

No worry Mr. Pants we love MODOK and are happy to spread him around.  Also, you can see more work from the artist who calls himself seggiepants, at his website www.segludian.com.

Keep on MINDBLASTING everyone!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

"Move that football, and you get a MINDBLAST.  Fair warning."

John sent us this Peanuts inspired MODOK and goes on to write:
Greetings! :-)
Here's another submission to March M.O.D.O.K. Madness for 2016--This time, it is with apologies to Charles M. Schultz! After all, Charlie Brown is the O.G. big-headed kid and sort of resembles a certain big-headed Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. If the mechano-chair fits...
John has also asked that we attach, a plug to his modest art site @: http://johndouglasart.blogspot.com/



Submitted MODOK: Robert Hack

Robert returns for a deuce this year with MODOK in Repose, as seen on his Twitter feed.  Mild-mannered gentleman MODOK in deep reflection within the hallowed walls of his stately study.  Quite.

Check out more of Robert's work at http://roberthack.deviantart.com/ and be sure to check out the Archie Horror series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina he is currently working on!


Monday, March 28, 2016


Final Monday of March 2016, and I almost missed it.

Keep on Mindblastin' for the last couple days of March MODOK Madness 2016!

Thanks everybody!

Submitted MODOK: Kevin Garcia


Found on twitter and presented here for you now: Presidential candidates as MODOKs!  And you thought the election was terrifying before...

Kevin writes an amazing blog about his passion for history and mythology and it's permeation in popular culture (like comic books!) over at Monomythic.  Go check it out.  Now.


Submitted MODOK: Rob McDaniel

Rob sculpts a mean looking MODOK regardless of the scale.  He writes,
I returned to clay sculpting this year, but he's a bit smaller than my entry for 2011. This bite-size MODOK is perched on a stack of quarters to show his scale.
After colorizing 18 frames for the turnaround I decided that was good enough.
Thanks for hosting another month of MODOK-ian appreciation.
Also, scope out more slick sculptures and awesome artwork from Mr. McDaniel over at www.cgmutant.com.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Submitted MODOK: Tom Kelly

MODOK Circuit Breaker
Tom Kelly joins us yet again for a year of MODOK art in march and writes.
Just me Illustrator Tom Kelly attached is my submission to your blog and I hope you can use it on your site. I have always been a MODOK fan mainly because he is so bananas crazy of a concept.
This version of MODOK I did a very TRON inspired concept, much like the MCP in the Tron digital word that's how I see this version of MODOK. He's a powerful Ai that wants to rule cyberspace as well as the physical world, so this MODOK is a MAchine. Organisim. Digitally designed, Only for. Killing. enjoy!
If you'd like to scope out more work from the mind of Mr. Kelly just head on over to WWW.Tomkellyart.deviantart.com.

March is for MINDBLASTS,

Submitted MODOK: MOTHbot

Totes M.O.Goat.
The mighty MOTHbot returns with his most recent MODOK offering of 2016 and writes,
Another MODOK for March.
Down at the AIM farm, they've been busy with more experiments and making super intelligent, mind-blasting farm animals. Just like this M.O.Goat. He's more likely to save the mind-blasting for some other time, and just knock a SHIELD agent out with a swift headbutt. Unfortunately he often faints when startled.   Happy March
As always you can keep up with the art of MOTHbot art by checking him out at http://mothbot.deviantart.com/.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Submitted MODOK: Joshua Kahan

Trump Modok Madness
Joshua RETURNS, with another MODOK post in this election year.  He's even managed to slip and more dangerous and deranged mind and face into that hover chair.
As always you can dig deeper into Joshua's work visit him at his website, blog or youtube channel.

March is for MINDBLASTS!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Submitted MODOK: Legion McRae

The mental organism designated as Legion sent us this snappy little MODOK collage and writes,
Hi There,
Here's a little cutup I've been sitting on since last year. Waiting.
Hope you like it. 
Thanks again Legion for the ongoing MODOK support.
Fill March with MINDBLASTS!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Submitted MODOK: Darryl Young

"F.O.D.O.K.: Frankenstein Organism Designed Only for Killing". Hope you like it!
Darryl joins us from the mean mid-western outskirts of Chicago where he practices his trade in animation and illustration industries.  Heck, he even does a dash of toy design for good measure.

He writes,
Hello Fellow M.O.D.O.K.-ians,

Darryl Young here, long time fan, first time contributor. You can find my work on Facebook, instagram, and Etsy. Thanks for keeping the memory of our favorite big headed monstrosity alive! 
Not a problem Mr. Young. We're stoked that you joined us this March and thank you for keeping the lights on with this miraculous Mindblast of MODOK art.


Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm guilty of spending a part of my weekend watching the second season of DareDevil, and MODOK strongly disapproves of my disloyalty.  So, in order to avoid a swift demise, and make amends for my transgretion. I'm submitting this MONDAY NIGHT MINI PAINT based on a felt tip pen sketch of the MENTAL MASTER.  I also, had to make pancakes for dinner. They were pretty tasty.

March needs MINDBLASTS!