Thank you all for a great March MODOK Madness 2019! See you next March!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, In a few minutes here we'll officially have completed another year of March Modok Madness I'd like to again thank everyone who pitched in their time and talent to make this such a great year of Modok Fan art...
And with that Modok, is going to spend the next 12 months plotting killing and villainy on a secluded desert isle...UNTIL MARCH 2011!

Hope you all dig, and take care till then...


The Maleficent MODOK #1: A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up Page Sketch


It's over? I didn't even finish... I feel like a Liefeld....

Thank you to all the talented peoples who contributed, thank you to all you bloggers. tweeters, facebookers, and newsies who promoted, thank you, Mr. Pedro for your assistance as co-creator/curator. Extra shout out to Kasra, whose massive MODOK collection continues to delight and amaze.

Here's my final piece for March MODOK Madness 2010, a Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up of the Mo-man, however I didn't get to finish... So here's a look at how I sketch my work out, red with the blood of the innocent! MODOK would be proud.

I will continue The Maleficent MODOK #1 issue at my blog.... Come see the finished pin-up page, the end of "Boyos' Night Out" and the final arc, "Hydra Comes A' Callin'" soon. All at http://brendantobin.blogspot.com/.

I must be going now....


Submitted MODOK: Mark Barrett

Mark Barrett, a member of the PopCap Crew, sent us this awesome drawing of MODOK launching himself into flight... Apparently that Hover chair really moves!... Look at the way its warped his toothy grimace, and make note of those awesome teeth!..
Great Modok Mark, I'd like to thank you for your participation in this great year of MODOK Drawings....

Submitted MODOK: Monte Michaelis

Monte Michaelis, is the latest in a long line of PopCap artists to send us a brilliant MODOK picture and comments, "I didn’t know how much I wanted to draw MODOK until I actually started doing it." And its True Monte, MODOK is Infectious, one drawing just isn't enough....
Hopefully we can see some more drawings from you and your PopCap Brethren in 2011..
Thanks for Supporting the MADNESS!!..

Submitted MODOK: Robert Zailo

Robert Zailo, just fired us this sweet little Modok Sketch. He writes, "Oh man, I hope I am not too late. I just found this site... Here is a sketch of MODOK I did a while ago. March Modok madness, such a cool idea!"
Thanks for the support Robert, We're happy your enjoying the MADNESS. Its produced a lot of great work this year...


Submitted MODOK: David Ryan Paul

MODOK goes Deathmetal! In this great little submission from David over at PopCap Games who writes...
It was inspired by the name, and image of the Black Metal band Marduk. Marduk/Modok...*get it*?! Hehe. He's so metal, he doesn't even need a hover throne.
Because even Modok needs the right music to MINBLAST to.

Submitted MODOK: Adam Fernandez

This Obama Modok comes to us from Adam Fernandez, who wanted to express is love for the Madness. To scope out more of Adams work just stop by, www.theadamfernandez.com.

Submitted MODOK: Noah Maas

This sweet Zombie Modok Comes from, Noah who writes...
I tried to get just about everyone on the art team over at PopCap Games to bust out a Modok piece in time for blog. This is 100% photoshop with a custom brush and some funky screen tone goodness. If anyone is interested in a nice 11x17 print feel free to
email me.
So, if you wanna see more of Noah's work or score this image in a print, drop on by, http://www.notnoah.com/

Submitted MODOK: Ian Sokoliwski

Step aside Horatio Caine. Modok knows the score, he can tell you what the crime was, and who committed it...since it was probably himself... This wonderful Modok comes to us directly from the very talented Ian Sokoliwski.
If your interested in scoping out more of Ian's work you can check out him out at www.ianthecomicartist.com or
Thanks for the great submission Ian, and for helping make this March spectacular..

Submitted MODOK: Mitch Breitweiser.

Thanks to Mitch Breitweiser we now see what Modok would look like as Santa.
Additional thanks to Kasra for sharing this from his collection..
Brilliant work, and festive too...

Artist: Mitch Breitweiser
Web Site: http://www.mitchbreitweiser.com/MitchBreitweiser.com/Index.html
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari

Submitted MODOK: Kevin

These Modoks come to us from Kevin who is sharing the wonders of MODOK with his kids and writes:
"They love MODOK because of his appearances in MARVEL "WHAT THE??" and SUPERHERO SQUAD, and because the figure creeps out their mom. Both used their Marvel Legends build-a-figure MODOK as reference."
Carter's MODOK

Spencer's MODOK

Thanks for sending us the Modok drawings Kevin, also thanks to Spencer and Carter for drawing our favorite mental organism in celebration of the 2010 MADNESS!


So, Here's an image of MODOK facing off against Scott Summers. It turns out MODOK overheard some people talking about how "Optic" Blasts where superior to "Mind" Blasts. This led our favorite Mental Organism to sneak into the danger room at Xavier Institute For Higher Learning, and turn Ole' Scott into sizzling splattered Succotash...
Game, Set, Match. Modok.

March 31st..


Tis the FINAL DAY of our Month long tribute to that Mental Organism we know and love, I'd like to thank my good friend and Fellow Beekeeper, Brendan Tobin for being great ally and asset in this endeavor...I'd also like to thank Kasra Ghanbari for access to his seemingly limitless stash of sweet Modok fan art...
Finally, (and with the greatest reverence) I need to thank everyone who submitted, work and comments to this site. Thanks to all those who've visited, and the word of mouth we've had an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME 2010 season MARCH MODOK MADNESS...
I thank everyone for the support, and am looking forward to one great day of MODOK!....with an optimistic notion we'll see MODOK again in March 2011.

Submitted MODOK: Adrian Rivero

Adrian returns this year with an awesome drawing of King MODOK! He writes:

Once in an age of Marvels yet undreamed of, there was one villain who rose head and shoulders above all others, even Arnin Zola, his name was King Modok. When in the pitch of battle he was asked by the Captain Of America what was best in life. King Modok's reply: "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Thanks, Adrian! More of Mr. Rivero's work at http://www.graphicapparatus.blogspot.com/.


Submitted MODOK: Ernie Chan

So, Modok hasn't always been terribly lucky with the ladies...
But Kasra sends us this vintage Ernie Chan convention sketch of Modok. As you can see he is clearly reading that publication for the articles (like all of us do), and is articulating his thoughts on the issue with some well articulated words...
Brilliant work, and many thanks to Ernie for the great rendering along with Kasra for sharing it with the Viewing public...

Artist: Ernie Chan
Web Site: http://www.erniechan.com/
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I drew this for a my buddy Ryan Green's blog CUTER IN BUNNY EARS. I was trying to see if applying some simple pink bunny ears to our favorite mental organism would make him cuter. Though I'm not sure if this did the trick, you be the judge, and for more things with bunny ears check out Ryan's work.
SO its a MODOK, Just in time for Easter.. Hope you Dig.

Submitted MODOK: Andy MacDonald

Kasra vists the blog again with some more great MODOK art from his large collection.
Here is some work by Andy MacDonald sporting modok in that life-sized suit he wore in Iron Man #74 way back in 1975.

Artist: Andy MacDonald
Web Site: http://www.nycmech.com/
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari

Submitted MODOK: Mark Hall

Mark sends us this Modok From his gallery at http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v649/Markedman11/Walken/ where everything seems to be coming up WALKEN. Much like this awesome Modok WALKEN...or Walkendok, as he requests much needed cowbell.
Thanks, Mark for sharing this Modok, and for embracing the MADNESS...

Submitted MODOK: Holly Mongi

This fine Modok Submission comes to us from Holly Mongi by way of the Sanrio shop in Midtown Manhattan...
"HELLO MODOK is a whimsical mixture of mirth and murderous intent. Just look at those eyes.

Thanks for the awesome work Holly, and for helping to make these a Great March full of Modok.

Submitted MODOK: Rich Werner

Rich sends in this awesome rendition of the MODOK man that he did up in Photoshop and did a beautiful job. He was planning on painting the image on one of his earring plugs but apparently got too detailed! I think it would make a great tattoo. Rich Werner is a talented designer for PopCap Games, the people who brought you Plants Vs. Zombies! Thanks, Rich!


Submitted MODOK: Andy Fish

Kasra returns with more goodies from his commissioned MODOK stash, an unending treasure trove, apparently. So I ask you, how do you make a fanboy drool? Why combine Star Wars with comic book characters, naturally, and put Leia in her slave bikini! Kasra writes of the artist: "Andy Fish loves leia. Why? No idea." Rockin'. Thanks, Kasra!

Artist: Andy Fish
Web Site: http://www.hebsandfish.com/Andy.html
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari


Submitted MODOK: James Heck

What does one do when hungry? Why, draw MODOK cooking up a pizza! He likes it crispy, with pepperoni and extra evil. Thanks for the great contribution, James!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Submitted MODOK: Hello With Cheese

We got a two-fer from the comic writer known as Dern (who, with his art amigo, Prindiville) are responsible for the webcomic Hello With Cheese. The first piece is a play off of Fairey's "Andre the Giant has a posse" sticker (available as a postcard) and the second, an HWC desktop pic, is a Pokemon-themed response to this Ironman post. Very cool the both! Thanks, guys, for the submission!


Submitted MODOK: Ken Eaton

Ken Eaton shows us that even MODOK is many faceted... Setting aside the hover chair for an easy evening of some knitting.... He's knitting something diabolically evil to give to Cap'n America, and even his Gaurds are decked out in some fine threads...
Ken writes:
"I do have a soft spot for this once obscure character. I discovered him back in "What If" #37. Although I bought several comics growing up I was not a serious collector and had no idea who this character was. Something about MODOK's giant head of matted hair painfully squeezed into that crazy chair outfit slightly disturbed me. What was more disturbing was Giant Man jumping on top of it and shaking him around. Poor MODOK seemed so fragile and pathetic after just freezing Captain America with his "invincible" mind beam. This issue gave just enough information to let you know he is a mad, genetically altered scientist on one hand bent on world domination but on the other hand feels the world needs his genius. I didn't get it, but I do remember being briefly obessed with drawing this guy and another bizarre villain, Arnim Zola. Here is a page from that issue."
To check out the pages pop on over to Ken's blog and have a look: http://keneatonillustration.blogspot.com/2010/03/modok-madness.html
Great Variation Ken, Thanks for sending us this awesome image and for making This March of MODOKS awesome....

Submitted MODOK: Stewart Fulton

This Sweet looking Modok Variation comes to us from Stewart Fulton. Who writes..
"Was thinking a 'Rupert MODOK' (Rupert Murdoch)
Don't think this has been done before (on your site at least)."
Well Stewart, its been done now, and I must say that mixing the Villainous Modok with the shrewd media Mogul couldn't be a better fit...They both have some seriously craggy faces.

Thank you for participating in the MADNESS and for helping make 2010 our best year yet..

The Maleficent MODOK #1: Page 12

A bit late and behind schedule, here's the part of the comic celebrating St. Patrick's Day, as every year I try to incorporate Banshee into a MODOK piece around the holiday (see March 17th entries from me this year, and the past two as well). So I am proud to present "Boyos' Night Out", the annual battle of the drink featuring MODOK vs. Banshee! Who will remain standing at the end of the night?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Submitted MODOK: Fonce Falooda

Our good friend Fonce Falooda returns this year with BUDDHOK, the enlightened mental organism! Love the lotus blossum detail on the chair. Fonce says: "He's past his little killing phase and found religion." Well, I guess he's one up on me, I'm still in my godless carnage days! Thanks for the praise in your email, FF, and welcome back to the Madness!


Submitted MODOK: Jason Garrattley

Yeah, baby! Jason sends us this awesome mod moped MODOK! He says: "It's that cad of Carnaby Street, the scoundrel of the scene: MOD MODOK. " Smashing! Jason is all over the internet scene and curates a blog at the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center called KIRBY-VISION, where he kindly posts submissions by people who are inspired by the work of Jack Kirby. He was even nice enough to post a Hawkman drawing I inked and colored over original Kirby pencils! If you'd like to see more of talented Jason's work, check out his FLICKR page. He also can be found at Between Clark and Hilldale where he blogs about design, illustration, comics and animation. Woo! Busy guy! Thanks, Jason, for the great submission and thanks for all you do, especially for being part of the Kirby Museum, a project all you March MODOK Madness fans should go support!


Submitted MODOK: Joshua Shepherd

Joshua sends us this great close up of MODOK's face. He was inspired by the classic Kirby look and used a pentel brush pen on brown paper. I can dig it. You can check out more of Joshua's work at his blog. Thanks, Joshua, for being part of the Madness!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Submitted MODOK: Cormac McEvoy

Hey guys, We got this awesome drawing from Cormac McEvoy. He's dropping this off before march ends so that we all can all share in the goodness of MODOK.. It appears that MODOK disobeying public ordinance again, and is feeding the pigeons in the park.
AH, MODOK....always a rebel...
Thanks for the awesome image Cormac, we appreciate your participation in the MADNESS!

Submitted MODOK: Collin David

This fine MODOK Submission comes to us from COLLIN DAVID only just heard about March Modok Madness and askes,
"If there's a place where you could toss me, I'd be grateful. I am a longtime MODOK devotee."
Sure thing Collin. Here is Your awesome drawing of MODOKYSWHS : Mechanized Organism Designed Only For Killing You Softly With His Song.
Thanks Collin, for making the Madness great in 2010.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Few people know that MODOK actually opened a fast food franchise at one point... He realized the potential for killing by stuffing his victims with cholesterol, trans-fats, and secret sauce.. His crowning menu Item was the MODAGWOOD...a massive sandwich that had mayo, hollandaise sauce, six fried eggs. deep fried bacon, a hollowed out porkchop filled with butter, gravy, olive loaf, aged trout, Spam, a full block of cheese, moldy cow tongue, peanut butter, and the parts of the Fugu fish that most sushi house discard...
The Restaurant was closed after half a dozen fatalities but only because city inspectors discovered that the AIM BEEKEEPER in charge of the fryers wasn't washing his hands in the restrooms and there where some complaints about service at the counter...
MODOK, never attempted to open another restaurant...and mindblasted all the employees from this failed endeavor.

Bon appetite.


The Maleficent MODOK #1: Page 11

Thus concludes "Dinner In The Dark Dimension" featuring the defeat of the dread Dormammu and the ordering of pizzas. I have 2 more story arcs I wanted to do, but time runs short and life gets away from one, however, I'm going to continue on with posting what I can of issue 1 until the 31st ends it. Next up: "Boyos' Night Out!", a Marvel Team-Up of sorts featuring nobody's favorite X-Man! See you soon.


Submitted MODOK: Marc Palm

Marc sends us this rendition of the iconic MODOK reveal panel from Tales Of Suspense #94, a Kirby classic. He beautifully re-imagines said panel as an honorable homage to the King of Comics. And let's face it, folks, without this very panel published in 1967, there would be no March MODOK Madness! Thanks so much for your contribution, Marc.

Mr. Marc "Swellzombie" Palm comes with a plethora of links below, which include cool t-shirts and crazy creatures:



Submitted MODOK: Bob Canada

Illustrator Bob Canada puts the Moe in MODOK in the beautiful pic "MODOK gets a trim." Let's hope that AIM guy gets it right or he's going to be on the wrong end of a mindblast! The good news? Hair always grows back. Just ask Telly Savalas. You can see more amazing work from Bob Canada at his Flickr page or his blog. Thanks for contributing to March MODOK Madness, Bob!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Found this one compliments of http://www.neillcameron.com/index.html

Not my work but worth an inclusion!

..just in time it seems..

Submitted MODOK:Ryan Estrada

This being the last full week of MODOK 2010, we are happy to bring you the forth installment of MODOK Comic goodness from Celebrated webcomic and world traveler, Ryan Estrada...
Issue 4: Chillin' Like a Villain

And as always if you'd like to see more of ryan's work, and read comics about his adventures just drop in at www.ryanestrada.com

Submitted MODOK: J. Bone

These two wonderful akward teen MODOK's were brought to us by J.Bone who writes:
"Dear Modok,
As a fan of your work I was forwarded your blog by a friend of mine. I'd like to submit the following two attached images of Modok as a surly, lonely teen (he eats lunch alone). I hope they meet your approval."

All we can say is, "MODOK is VERY PLEASED...and he APPROVES".
We also, invite you all to take a peek at the rest of J.Bone's work over at...
Lots of Great Marvel related art including some older drawings of Mighty Teenage MODOK. such as this one...http://gobukan.blogspot.com/2007/08/back-to-school.html
It is this older drawing that J. has based these new sketches upon.
Great work J.Bone....Thanks for fueling the MADNESS IN 2010!!

Submitted MODOK: Dominic

The artist known as Dominic sends us this awesome MODOK, a bit distraught by the Disney buyout of Marvel Comics. I think it's hilarious and probably exactly the reaction MODOK would have about the deal. I know there was a bit of a rumpus in reaction to the Disney purchase, and a surge of amalgamated Disney/Marvel character drawings last fall, but this takes the cake. Brilliant, Dominic, and the acronym you created made me think of this past article. See more of Dominic's great work at www.paladinfreelance.com. Thanks, pal!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Submitted MODOK: Alcohólicos Atónitos

David Güell(seen above)
Visited the the mailbox at Modokmarch@gmail.com with sweet little packet of drawings from a group calling themselves "Alcohólicos Atónitos". Loosely translated this title is, "Alcoholics Overwhelmed" within my Mac translator, but I cannot be certain that's completely accurate because translations are tricky.
Alcohólicos Atónitos is a collective of Illustrators that gathers from time to time to play drawing games, and last Friday one of the members proposed that they could all do a personal version of everyones favorite mental organism. This Brilliant suggestion came from Albert Monteys (see below), and we couldn't be happier. Even more interesting to note is that all the drawings were done without any direct reference, or any prior knowledge of Modok. I invite you to check the links on these and and click all artwork to see it larger...lots of good stuff..
Albert Monteys(below)

Fernando Cobos(above)
David Navarrot(below)

Roc Espinet(above)
Pablo Rodríguez(below)

María Elcacho(above)

Thanks to Albert, Roc, David N., Fernando, Pablo, María, and David G. for this Awesome batch of MODOK MADNESS...you've done excellent work and we appreciate your support...

Submitted MODOK: David Haines

David Haines took a few minutes off from filling out his brackets to send this gem to the blog. His email simply stating, "No March Madness is complete without MODUKE. Good luck, MODUKE!!!".

Thanks for the sweet pic David, we appreciate your cheering for the Madness!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


MODOK gears up for his Manga Debut, with mighty mindblasts and his mystical mental sword. I'd also like to thank everyone for making this such an awesome year of MODOK MADNESS!...

Hope you Dig...


The Maleficent MODOK #1: AIM Catalog Advertisement

Where to get all the crap you want but don't necessarily need. Advanced Idea Mechanics. "Dinner In The Dark Dimension" wraps up hopefully tomorrow!


Submitted MODOK: Tim Miner

What has eight arms, a bad temper, and can out think you at every turn? The cephalopod called... MODOKTOPUS! Tim Miner sends us this puppy, he is the brilliant mind behind Marvel Smartass, and his newest project, 5 minute marvels. Beyond that, he's a really nice guy. Go now and support his internet efforts. Now. Thanks, as always, Tim!


Submitted MODOK: Chris Stone

Mr. Stone sends us this nice little MODOK, briefcase and all! Where's he heading? The office? A court date for his divorce? Who knows, but MODOK! If you get a chance, check out some more work in this style at Chris's blog. There's cool aliens and robots and more! Thanks, Chris!