Thursday, March 5, 2015


Got another Lasso tool MODOK for y'all.  Because I cannot stop myself anymore.
It seems MODOK got this wacky Mojo/Spider Butt body some years back.
Personally I like the jet thruster/repulsor thing instead but I'm trying to embrace a more worldly appreciation for all things MODOK. 
Here he's auditioning for a role in the next marvel film while channeling some spider-man.


Submitted MODOK: Filipe Homem Fonseca

Filipe proudly continued his celebration of the mighty MODOK this year with a this artistic tribute.  He writes,
Had to submit a MODOK again this year!  This time, it is also an homage to Leonard Nimoy, forever Mr. Spock.  I present you SPODOK!
Thanks a lot, and keep up the MADNESS!

Thanks right back at you Mr. Fonseca, your contribution of time and art is most appreciated.
If you'd like to keep up with he doings of Filipe just click HERE and be whisked off to his Twitter feed.

Leave your Mind meld at the door.
The Vulcan Mindblast is the most destructive force in the galaxy.

Submitted MODOK: Tom Clifford

Tom sent us this delightful work day conference meeting MODOK and writes,
Doodled this guy in my planner on Monday, as it reflected my mood.
Here here Tom, we whole-heartedly agree that MODOK dislikes the Monday.  We also concur with the notion that MODOK is a damn fine diversion for any blank scrap of paper you may find.  He's the perfect diversion for whatever project meeting you find yourself trapped in.

Just don't let MODOK catch you doing this kinda stuff during his presentation of the quarterly reports.  He'll mind blast you and your cardboard box of belongings before you even get out of the building.

Thanks for sharing Tom!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I made this MODOK using the freehand Lasso tool from Photoshop as my primary weapon.
Some gradients, and clipping masks in there too.  Few quick filters.

Hope you dig,

Inspired MODOK

I was inspired to make this after seeing this.


Submitted MODOK: Per Sanderhage

Modok: the very early years... and even back then he was a stinker!
The Organism known as Per Sanderhage sent use this fantastic image of our beloved MODOK in the prime of his youth.  Per writes,
A little contribution to your March Madness.
Love your concept.

Glad you dig the concept mate, also we're thrilled you got on board to celebrate March with us.

Scope out more work from Per, HERE!


Submitted MODOK: Max Borges

An unshaven and flatulent MODOK from my little buddy Max.  Amazing.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Submitted MODOK: Nelson Diaz

Caution, this is Hypnotic. Bring your Dramamine.
Having been involved with the blog now for several years, Nelson Diaz has just sent us a submission. It came in a an email entitled: MODOK is out of control.  So, I opened the file and was greeted with the gif seen above.  I laughed, I cried, I got a little dizzy and now I'm posting it on over to the blog for all to enjoy.

For more of Nelson's art, and animation visit him at nelsart or nelsart.tumblr.
Your eyes will thank you.


Loose leaf MODOK!

I had to write an essay. But, I convinced MODOK (I just have to give him my lunch money for the next five years) to do my homework here.  I think I'm gonna get an A+.

Hope you dig.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Manual MODOK Monday.

Here's a little MODOK scribble for MONDAY.

I tend to do a fair bit of Photoshop on some of my MODOK sketches.  So here I'll try and share some unaltered stuff I've doodled out with pen and pencils.  No digital mods outside of a slight contrast correction (due to the scan quality) and a watermark.

Hope you dig,

Submitted MODOK: John Douglas

John has been a long time contributor here at March MODOK Madness.  Late last year he sent us this colorized rendition of a greyscale image (check it out here) he'd submitted earlier in the season.  Sadly it was too late to post in 2014. But, in a staggering turn of good fortune it is just in time for March 2015!
He writes,
Hola, :-)
Is it March again already? 
Where does the time go?  

Anyways, last year, I missed the cut off date for submitting the colorized version of M.O.D.O.K. by one day, so I figured I'd send it along for this time.  Hope y'all like it!
I plan on sending a few more M.O.D.O.K. submissions this year, so heads up!  (Hmmmm, I'm sure there isn't a law against that horrible pun, but there probably **SHOULD** be.)

As always, here's a shameless plug for my Blog: 

Thanks kindly!
 No Sweat John, we are always happy to see some more MODOK in March.  Send your images and any other criminally bad puns you have our way.  

Keep on Mindblasting,

Submitted MODOK: Julius Schadeck

Every year we have one or two posts that show up just after the first of April, and last year was no different.  But, last years loss is this years gain in the department of Awesome MODOK Illustration.  So I proudly share this image from the Mighty Julius who wrote,
Someone has just shown me this AWESOME blog, too sad march is over, but…what a hell.  I´ll send this drawing anyway, for Modok has always been one of my favorite characters!
 We thank you for sharing the work with us here Julius, and appreciate you sending the work so that we had something to share in the early MODOK season of 2015.

For more work from Julius, head on over and check out his flickr page.


Submitted MODOK: Scott Whipple, The Midwest MacGyver

In the interest of spreading more MODOK love and perhaps inspiring future MODOK cosplay.  The entity known as the Midwest MacGyver sent this handful of photos showing himself encased in a mighty outfit of MODOK magnificence.  Scott writes,
   I was asked to participate in an Avengers Villains Photo shoot at Dragon Con 2011.  The coordinators were forming an AIM group for it and requested that I put together a MODOK.  I created the frame from PVC and used a weight belt along with nylon straps and a backpack harness to support all the weight off of my hips.  It was very mobile and the arms moved.  As I walked I kicked the flames and smoke, so it also moved.  It was a blast. 
   Unfortunately, the very next year I was taking him to a con in Chicago.  The tie down straps came loose, and he ended up flying out of the truck bed and was struck by a Semi behind me on the highway.  He was totally obliterated.  I only was able to wear him for the three days at Dragon Con, but he was one of my most favorite costumes. 
   These photos are mostly by Judy Stephens of Marvel, and Grace Moss.  With a few additional uncredited photos.  There are also videos from the Dragon Con Parade in 2011 on Facebook.  I wore him through the entire parade.
Big thanks to Scott for sharing the triumphant story of his beloved (and now tragically departed) MODOK Costume.  I can't even begin to think what the scene on that highway was like, or why the semi driver didn't give MODOK the right of way.  But, we shall not dwell on the loss of this masterfully built outfit. No. We will celebrate it's life and times with these photos.  Heck, maybe there will be another MODOK build from the man know as the Midwest MacGyver?

Also be sure to scope out that video of Scott in the MODOK parade at Dragon con over at the
Midwest MacGyver facebook page.  He makes a whole lot of awesome costumes and you should give um a look.

Proof positive. MODOK is the best outfit.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Submitted MODOK: Tom Imber

Terra Cotta MODOK in Park, Oil, 30cmX30cm
Tom was ready for March, and sent us this awesome rendering of a public park.  Made better by the inclusion of some fine ass MODOK Sculpture.  He writes,
I've attached my MODOK for this year. Thanks again for this wonderful project. I, too, look forward to it every year.
Have a most excellent March.
Thanks Tom!  We here at March MODOK Madness certainly appreciate your continued support and devotion to the cause.  Also, be sure to check out more work from Tom Imber right HERE!
And Mindblasts for all,

Submitted MODOK: Kevin P.

Kevin has been sharing in the Madness now for a few years. Regularly updating us on the advances in his life-sized MODOK costume. He writes:

I sent in some pictures of the work in progress a couple of years ago. I'm happy to say we finished the project! We managed to get it done in time to enter the San Diego Comic Con's Masquerade contest. Pictures from us on stage are from San Diego.

The pictures with Deadpool are from our local Rose City convention last September.

We are planning on taking it to Emerald City Comic Con next month.
I can't think of any better way to kick of 2015 then with full scale M.O.D.O.K., and a full platoon of A.I.M. BeeKeepers.  Also, if your at the Emerald City Con stop on by and pay your respects to Kevin, M.O.D.O.K., and the minions of A.I.M.

Scope out more photos of the costume in action Here! and Here!

Many Mindblasts to you Kevin, also many thanks for sharing your time, and talent here with us ever March.


G.M.O.D.O.K  Sows the seeds for a bitter harvest in 2015.
Hello minions of MODOK!

It's first of March!   
That means it's time for some MODOK MADNESS!

So, for the next month I'll be sharing artwork of our favorite mental organism with you talented folks here.  We, warmly invite you to join in and celebrate this delightfully devious Jack Kirby creation.

More mindblasts to come.

Hope you dig.

Monday, March 31, 2014

MODOK: Gone Fishin'

  Here we see the mental organism enjoying some downtime, as he bobs down the river.  No doubt he is pumping his own special brand of pollutant into the water supply, as he over fishes to his hearts content.

  It's time to chalk up another year of March MODOK Madness for me.  It's hard to even believe it's been Seven years since I sat down in a pub with my good friend Brendan, and we decided to dedicate a month to MODOK. 

As always I like to finish off the year by sending out thanks in my last post:
  • First and foremost, thanks to Brendan (my friend and fellow Beekeeper) for making this something I look forward to every year.  Already got some ideas for 2015!
  • Second I'd like to thank (hell even APPLAUD) all the artists and fans out there who devote their time and skills in celebration of the master of MINDBLAST.   The artwork you send every year keeps the month interesting and inspiring.  I salute you all.
  • Finally, I'd like to thank MODOK.  Because he is the reason most of this even happens.
  • Also, if you've missed the deadline for this March; worry not.  We'll see about setting it up next year.
In retrospect, it's been seven great years.  Here's hoping we all see each other for an eighth.


Submitted MODOK: Nelson Diaz

Wario-DOK will throw in extra evil green fart gas; free of charge.
Brother Nelson sent us this killer Nintendo themed Wario & MODOK Mash up.
Also, be sure to scope out more of nelsons work at www.nelsart.com or nelsart.tumblr.com.

Keep on mindblasting to the very end buddy.

Submitted MODOK: Rob McDaniel

Rob sent us this this kicking Isometric MODOK and writes,
Eventually I'll post a final, rotatable version of this voxel style MODOK on my site www.chaoticmutation.com.
As always thanks for hosting this every March.
We look forward to seeing the full rotation Rob, looks awesome so far. 
Thanks again for your submission and support.

Submitted MODOK: Gavin de Lint

The Organism known as Gavin de Lint sent us this awesome last minute MODOK and writes,
I hope I got this in on time.  Love love love this project, wish I had time for more than just a pencil sketch.
Gavin remains a long time contributor to the blog, and for more of his work check out: http://gavin.delint.ca/

Many thanks for the submission and support as always Mr. de Lint.