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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Submitted MODOK: Mike Lilly

Our next post here comes from the secret locked filing cabinet of Kasra, and he writes....

"Now for the fun to start...Here we have modok absolutely ravaging Phoenix in a
way that no X-men could hope to do...except maybe Professor X. Disgustingly
convincing/effective art by the awesome Mike Lilly."

Artist: Mike Lilly
Web Site: http://www.mikelilly.com/
From the collection of Kasra Ghanbari



digging the selective color on this one...


Dustin L said...

This is really kind of offensive. Aside from the fact that it doesn't make much sense for someone who's Designed Only for Killing to commit rape, I definitely didn't sign up to see pictures of it.
Or to put it another way:

Things that are awesome and often funny:

Things that are not awesome and never funny:
1. Rape.

Just sayin'.

Josh Blair said...

So wrong.

Nathalia M said...

Dustin.... this doesn't look like rape to me. Sorry to say dude that wasn't the first place I went to. I think it's funny because it has the whole "I'm disgusted with myself with being with such a vile man/thing, but what he does, he does all too well" look that I know I've seen before. Besides the fact that A) these are fictional characters, and B) just a drawing. Rape is never funny, but funnily enough shame is. So this picture is funny. My 2 cents.

Brendan Tobin said...

Okay... This piece has sparked a little controversy and I've been thinking about adding my two cents all week as one of the administrators of the blog.

First, there's going to be images on this blog that may be tame and others not so, as we all, as individuals, are free to create whatever depictions we are inspired to do and March MODOK Madness is a blog that was created to showcase them. That includes everybody and that is why we have a heading that warns of certain content. While I'd love to have an all ages show everyone can enjoy here, I respect the right that some artists produce mature content, involving either sexual content, graphic violence, or mature humor.

Second, there is no context in the piece that one could fully rule out that this is a scene of rape. Is it sexually charged? Yes. However, the pose of Phoenix suggests submission, even ecstasy, as it appears she is not fighting off an aggressive attacker in the piece. MODOK himself seems quite docile. The figures are also both fully dressed so is there even any intercourse occuring? Is the thought of rape merely because of the hero/villain aspect of the characters? Not to invoke some fanboy wisdom, but the Phoenix became one of the X-Men's most powerful villains when she embraced evil and furthermore, do we even know if this a physical scene or something mentally projected in the realm of the Astral plane? Again, there is no context. So overall, assuming this rape might be a bit rash.

So I would love to have a blog that does not offend anyone but do not want to act as a censor. I do apologize to anyone who is offended by this piece. Obviously, I do not want post pornography or depictions of hate and I honestly do not believe this to be either. The person who commissioned the drawing and the artist who drew the commission were not attempting to create a scene depicting such a horrific act and I apologize to you both for such an accusation.

Thank you all and please enjoy the rest of March and the submissions to follow.

Brendan Tobin
co-administrator of March MODOK Madness