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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Submitted MODOK: Adrian Rivero

Adrian writes:


Get Ready... because nothing will ever be the same again!

Meet F.A.U.X.D.O.C.K.(Fake, Asshole, Urban, Xenophobe, Designed Only For Killing). When he was in highschool he had a crush on Michelle Meyers but she thought he was a dweeb with his cello lessons and braces and greasy hair. But in highschool he found out about indie music and sunglasses and spiked hair in faux mohawk fashion. He never did fit into the skinny jeans or get that first Death Cab For Cutie album but he did learn the faux-jitsu ways and manage to pull some chicks(especially those with fifties style accouterments). I hate him. I hate him so much. My leather jacket and fashionably quaffed fake bed head hair will never amount to a freckle on his joystick-ed chair.

By the way, he did eventually get Michelle Myers. All it took was a bender on Jagermeister over at Senor Frog's in Cancun where they talked about Whitney leaving The Hills. Later they visited the Cabo Wabo bathroom and they totally consummated that shit.

He didn't end up with Michelle Meyers, though. He kept getting booty calls from MODAM after she finished cramming for exams. His bro's told him not to "do" her because she was fugly, but "modoks of a feather--" and all that, you know.

Anyway, now he does real estate at Re-max in Encino where I think he is totally balling the receptionist. But he pretends to date Jessica Stein because her dad is the boss so he gets the best properties. He says you always have to have a plan.

Thanks, Adrian. www.graphicapparatus.blogspot.com/




Wow....thats a pretty deep backstory for a Modok submission. Most surprising however was the absence of killing....
Though perhaps he murdered others dreams instead this time around...

The ladies tell me that when Modok breaks your heart its kinda like he killed you. Your body just keeps on going somehow.

Great work, thanks for participating.


Tom said...

Ah. The Pocket Protector. That brings bag memories. I dig it.