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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Submitted MODOK: Rick Daniel

Take it away, Rick:

"Sirous Madoc (MODOK) is the latest descendant of Gwened Madoc, the Welsh prince who discovered the New World in the 1170s. Sirous, trained in both knighthood and sorcery since childhood, was inducted into his family’s role as an overseer of Intendo (AIM), the assassins’ guild. Using his wisdom and riches, Madoc successfully ruled over the guild with his 11-strong High Council. Madoc personally saw to the beheading of traitorous Czech Councilwoman Olinka Barankova, but not before she could reveal Intendo’s scrupulous businesses and agents to the European Union. Now outlawed in the West, Madoc ordered caravans of their weaponry, records, and fortunes to traverse the snowy Russian plains (to elude capture by the royal enforcers of various Union members) into the Oriental Coast. After a treacherous sail across the sea, Intendo rebuilt their empire on the Islands of Japan. Hired by the Red Skull, the entirety of Intendo’s assassin army battled the Regalia (the Avengers) and the Men of Tendai (the X-Men) as Madoc used his magic to telekinetically reassemble the treasure the guild was hired to seek: a puzzle-box forged from mystically-attuned crystals (The Cosmic Cube). As the final piece was set in place, Captain Japan (Cpt. America), using his magic mirror, reflected a ray of energy from the eyes of Cyclops into the crystals. The resulting explosion of energy scattered the puzzle pieces across the planet, instead of just the islands, so that they may never be used by evil again. The Intendo assassins who weren’t killed in the battle fled, and the guild finally dissolved. Madoc’s corpse was found without his head, and there was a trail of blood leading away from the neck…

Powers: Above-average strength/stamina/durability; expert swordsman; slightly limited skills in magic, which stems from a connection to the Creation and the Negation; wears armor and uses a sword and shield; high intellect and command over hundreds of loyal troops."

Whew! Thanks for the submission of 17th Century MODOK, Rick! If you would like learn more about Rick Daniel's 1640s Japan version of the Marvel Universe, go here.

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