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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Submitted MODOK: Adrian Rivero

Here's a submission of, ahem, enormous proportions. Adrian writes:

Mizz M.O.D.O.K.

Her name stands for Miss Organism Dating Only Krazies. She is
actually quite charming. She makes great pasta. While you may need
to be careful during sexual intercourse with her(don't let her on
top), she is a very caring lover with a generous streak(although her
mouth is a little big for my tastes). While I personally have come to
prefer a smaller caliber of bra size, she comes in at an enormous
8@DD(an new designation of bra size). I will say that we had a rough
break up and she did blast me more than once with her mento ray. She
eventually worked her way through a bunch of reluctant minions. Her
likes are sitting in big chairs(preferably with rockets under them),
milkshakes, the 32 ounce steak at the Back 40, off road vehicles,
candle lit all you can eat brunch, rap-metal music(don't ask), party
lesbians, and men with generous proportions(especially downstairs, one
of the sticking points in our many fights, because hey, I may be
Puerto Rican, but I don't have every great attribute of a mixed race).
She internet dates and loves to get phone calls on those phone lines
you see advertised on late night television.

Drawn by Adrian Rivero
Colors by Chris Mendoza

Our website is http://www.graphicapparatus.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the submission, Adrian and Chris.

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Looks good Adrian, I like the way that here Juggs sorta shoot up from under the hover chair where her chin should be..hadn't thought of that. Like a pushup bra...Nice Work.