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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Submitted MODOK: Ryan Dunlavey

Ryan scoured around and found this sketch of MODOK, a la Voltron, which was included in a pitch for a sequel to MODOK: Reign Delay that Marvel published back during the Dark Reign storyline that followed Civil War, etc.  I suggest you all go hunt it down and tell Marvel you want to see the sequel post haste.  Ryan's done work all over and you should check it his stuff at his site.  Thanks, Ryan!  Below, check out his proposal:

PREVIOUSLY:His personal resources depleted, MODOK returned to live at his parent’s home in Erie, Pennsylvania to launch a new plan of world domination. After a series of  botched schemes and humiliations at the hands of people from his past he’s crowned the city’s newest (and only) super hero after defeating “foreign mutant terrorist” Madison Jeffries at the Millcreek Mall.
PART ONE MODOK is being interviewed by a geeky podcast and he's bragging about how everything's going great for him now that he moved back home (total lie) and how he has special armored hover-chairs for every situation: Space Chair, Stealth Chair, Underwater Chair, etc. He hangs up the phone and we pull back to reveal that he's in his sister's old bedroom and the special mission outfits just are a bunch shabby looking of MODOK action figures he made himself. MODOK’S parents come into the room and give a pep talk about how MODOK should be more like his sister - a mediocre student and athlete (the room is covered with her childhood "achievements" - 4th place and honorable mention ribbons, strait C’s on her report card, participatory certificates, etc) - who in their eyes can do no wrong. Dead set on conquering his hometown but out of options, MODOK interviews at a temp agency so he can earn money to hire minions back.
During the interview, MODOK is asked if he has any special abilities. MODOK has a flashback to a school talent show, where a young Georgie Tartleton does a tap-dance routine and gets beat up by the headbanger band that are on next while still on stage. (MODOK doesn't share this info.) They line up a job for him, and as he leaves he bumps into PLANT MAN, now a burnt-out stoner hippie with a lot of big plans to take down "the anti-eco establishment”. Plant Man sees the town as an environmental blight that needs to be "like, cleaned up and made beautiful and stuff". He suggests they team up for a new "Masters of Evil". MODOK quickly realizes how far gone Plant Man is when they talk about it over lunch. "I don't eat food man, all I need is water, soil and plenty of sunlight." 
MODOK works a series of series of crappy dead-end jobs - store mascot, late night copy shop (fired when he tries to photocopy his butt and breaks the machine), climaxing with…
a scene of MODOK in a cheap policeman's halloween costume, sunlasses, boom, box, etc,  about to deliver a strip-o-gram inside an office. "MODOK hears someone has a lot of unpaid parking tickets."
PART TWO Picking up seconds after the last part, screaming workers flee from a dejected, thong-clad MODOK. In the parking lot, a bigger, buffer Plant Man is protesting the businesses inside the office complex for environmental crimes and tries to persuade MODOK to team up with him again but he ignores him. Plant Man has recreated himself with an organic plant-based battle suit, which grows bigger each time we see him as it feeds on the toxins it town while simultaneously driving Plant Man murderously insane. MODOK's next job is as a fast-food worker, the bullies from REIGN DELAY find out are giving him a hard time at the drive-thru "Let me have a caramel sundae with nuts. No wait, SCRATCH the nuts." etc. MODOK's three former minions come in for an awkward encounter. MODOK has saved enough money to hire them again, and while on break tries to convince them to come back, but the restaurant is attacked by a now Hulk-sized Plant Man, who both wants to destroy the restaurant for crimes against plants and for MODOK ignoring him the other day. 
PART THREE MODOK doesn’t want the town he’s trying to take over get destroyed so he has no choice except to fight the giant-sized Plant Man head-on. MODOK changes into his "secret" super hero identity of DARK KNIGHT MAN (a joke on the whole “Dark ___” trend and Night Man, that lame Malibu Comics hero that somehow got a tv show). and tries to stop him but his brain blasts won't work as Plant Man has already fried his own brain with, um, "plants". While trying to survive the Plant Man's rampage (who keeps getting bigger), MODOK convinces his ex minions and the bullies to help him fight by appealing to their naturally violent natures. They help MODOK hotwire his head to 5 cars, and MODOK uses his high-tech/mental powers to transform them into the torso, arms and legs of a giant Voltron-like battle robot, each part piloted by the 3 minions and 2 bullies with MODOK as the head so they can fight the Kong-sized Plant Man hand-to-hand. KA-BOOM!!! 
PART FOUR Plant Man Zilla and MODOKTRON fight throughout Erie, destroying the entire town in the process. In the end MODOK wins but is run out of town for leveling it. The bullies and minions stay in town and start a Mad Max style vigilante gang. With the few bucks left from his temp jobs MODOK moves back to New York, alone, where he answers an ad for a roommate. Final panel: MODOK in his new place with his new room mate, SImon Garth, the Living Zombie. "I hope you're not some kind of neat-freak."


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spook216 said...

Im really ashamed that i just read this whole thing thinking it was serious. Too many umm, "Plants".