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Monday, March 19, 2012

Submitted MODOK: Sean Moore

Mr. Moore sent us this slick MODOK redesign along with a wonderful email just recently. 
He writes,
I've been wanting to submit something to March MODOK Madness for a while, but the last two years my schedule kept me too busy to join in.

This year I was able to whip up a redesign for everyone's favorite giant head.

I picture this MODOK as a cold Orwellian overlord for AIM, ruling from behind the shadows and killing anything that gets in the way of his grand plans. Based in a massive underground complex, known only to and staffed by his hand picked elite, MODOK is hard-wired into the master computer and monitors all AIM activities. Every agent has a fail-safe device planted at the base of their brain stem, and if needed MODOK can remote detonate these. Blind except for his artificial main eye, MODOK is able to hack into almost any networked camera. Very little escapes his notice, and he plans to make AIM masters of the world.
For more of Sean's work check out the links listed below..
Thanks for sharing Sean!


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