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Monday, March 2, 2015

Submitted MODOK: Scott Whipple, The Midwest MacGyver

In the interest of spreading more MODOK love and perhaps inspiring future MODOK cosplay.  The entity known as the Midwest MacGyver sent this handful of photos showing himself encased in a mighty outfit of MODOK magnificence.  Scott writes,
   I was asked to participate in an Avengers Villains Photo shoot at Dragon Con 2011.  The coordinators were forming an AIM group for it and requested that I put together a MODOK.  I created the frame from PVC and used a weight belt along with nylon straps and a backpack harness to support all the weight off of my hips.  It was very mobile and the arms moved.  As I walked I kicked the flames and smoke, so it also moved.  It was a blast. 
   Unfortunately, the very next year I was taking him to a con in Chicago.  The tie down straps came loose, and he ended up flying out of the truck bed and was struck by a Semi behind me on the highway.  He was totally obliterated.  I only was able to wear him for the three days at Dragon Con, but he was one of my most favorite costumes. 
   These photos are mostly by Judy Stephens of Marvel, and Grace Moss.  With a few additional uncredited photos.  There are also videos from the Dragon Con Parade in 2011 on Facebook.  I wore him through the entire parade.
Big thanks to Scott for sharing the triumphant story of his beloved (and now tragically departed) MODOK Costume.  I can't even begin to think what the scene on that highway was like, or why the semi driver didn't give MODOK the right of way.  But, we shall not dwell on the loss of this masterfully built outfit. No. We will celebrate it's life and times with these photos.  Heck, maybe there will be another MODOK build from the man know as the Midwest MacGyver?

Also be sure to scope out that video of Scott in the MODOK parade at Dragon con over at the
Midwest MacGyver facebook page.  He makes a whole lot of awesome costumes and you should give um a look.

Proof positive. MODOK is the best outfit.

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